Leadinfo & Slack

Quickly share leads from Leadinfo with your colleagues in Slack by connecting your Slack account. Once you have connected the account you can easily share a lead with a certain channel in Slack, or send it directly in a chat. Share the lead with your colleagues so that they can immediately act on it.

Activate the integration

Set up Slack integration:

  • Log in to the Leadinfo portal and go to settings.
  • Under integrations, select “Slack”.
  • Click on “Connect with Slack”.
  • Log in with your Slack data and give Leadinfo permission to access your Slack environment.

From now on, you can share a website visitor with the selected channel at the touch of a button. Still not working? Feel free to contact us!

Good to know: We never view the data of your Slack ourselves. The system only needs authorization so that Leadinfo can transfer the data to your Slack environment.