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  • Marketing

    Access to all data

    Export data for use in your offline and online campaigns, you have access to all data.

    Name and address information, sector information, number of employees and all visitor data that is registered.

  • Sales

    Real-time Inbox

    No complicated statistics; view your visitors the same way you view your e-mail. In real time.

    An extensive company profile on every visitor, supplemented with credit information if desired.

  • Management

    Powerful reports

    At a glance valuable information about the visitors of your website, collected in a powerful dashboard.

    Information about, for example, branch, number of employees and province.

220+ million companies worldwide

Czech Republic
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+ 200 countries
  • Heineken logo

    “Leadinfo is a valuable tool for gaining insight into the companies visiting our website. These insights enable us to make our website more relevant for our visitors by means of personalisation. The Leadinfo team consults with you and works proactively to set up and realise experiments.”

    Joep Brenninkmeijer
    E-commerce manager — Heineken BLADE
  • Emerce logo

    “Leadinfo is a valuable tool that gives us insight into the companies visiting the Emerce websites. Our sales team can then take an account-based approach to using the information provided to generate new business and personalise our offerings for our existing customers. The Leadinfo team is flexible and proactive in helping us to optimise the usage of the tool.”

    Guido Bruijn
    Campaign Manager — Emerce
  • NIBC logo

    “With Leadinfo’s tooling, we’re able to obtain valuable information about B2B visitors on our websites. This information enables us to be more precise in the way we follow up existing leads and clients. In addition, we can now also better optimise and personalise our website using the data gathered and the insights into visitor behaviour.”

    Michael Ros
    Corporate Communications Advisor — NIBC
  • Creditsafe logo

    “Creditsafe uses Leadinfo to better understand its visitors and offer them personalised advice. Leadinfo also helps us to more effectively follow up on visitors who didn’t use our contact form.”

    John Scholte
    Sales Director Nederland — Creditsafe
  • Vitalhealth Software logo

    “We are impressed by the valuable insights Leadinfo offers. We use the software primarily to track leads and see what products might be interesting for them. The interface is a major plus; it’s very user-friendly and is extremely easy to use due to the recognisable ‘email layout’.”

    Iman van der Maas
    Marketeer — VitalHealth Software (Philips)
  • Langerak de Jong logo

    “Thanks to Leadinfo, Langerak de Jong is able to serve its target groups with tailor-made offers. In addition, Leadinfo gives us valuable insights into how our online communication is used.”

    Lennert Hut
    Online Marketeer — Langerak de Jong
  • Aangetekend B.V. logo

    “Google Analytics shows us that we have a lot of traffic visiting our website directly. Thanks to the Leadinfo integration, we are able to get details on the traffic that give us insight into potential customers and relevant branches.”

    Philip Voogt
    Directeur Co-Founder — Aangetekend B.V.
  • Kaars Koffie logo

    “Leadinfo is an amazing addition to our sales organisation. The tool gives excellent insights into the companies visiting our website and helps us to plan company visits with new customers. We absolutely recommend it!”

    Ronald Kersseboom
    Sales Manager - Kaars Koffie
  • Holland Air Pumps logo

    “We used other lead-generation software before, but Leadinfo recognizes more business website visitors. Next to that, the sales figures give great insight, to consider whether a lead is interesting to follow up.”

    Gerrit Klaassen
    Commercieel directeur - Holland Air Pumps
  • Tectrade logo

    "Leadinfo supplies us with very valuable information through their portal. Data on visitor origin and pages visited is a huge help to us in terms of following up on leads. We’re able to more effectively fine-tune our campaigns (like AdWords) to the landing pages, making the lead information very valuable.”

    Danielle van der Starre
    Marketing Manager - Tectrade
  • Declaree logo

    “We’ve discovered that Leadinfo is the most effective tool enabling Declaree to understand the rapidly growing number of website visitors and to adjust our services accordingly. This makes Leadinfo the most suitable means of supporting Declaree’s international growth ambitions.”

    Jacco Wagenmakers
    Sr Sales Executive - Declaree
  • Datacon logo

    “We’re very impressed by the simplicity of the interface. Leadinfo is very user-friendly to work with and supplies tons of useful information.”

    Bas Fockens
    Commercieel directeur - Datacon
  • Enable-U logo

    “Leadinfo gives us rapid insight into the behaviour of our website’s visitors. This keeps us very up to date on topics important to our clients, enabling us to start a well-informed conversation.”

    Roos Groen
    Marketeer - Enable-U
  • ID Factory logo

    “Thanks to Leadinfo, we have gained much better insight into the interests of our potential and existing clients. It’s relevant to us to be able to see which pages someone visits when they’re interested in our services.”

    Fenno van Driel
    Sales Consultant Digital Marketing — ID Factory
  • Ticketmaster

    “Leadinfo is a tool that really helps us further as a Sales department, because we get good insights which companies have visited our B2B page. Then we try to respond to this in a handy way. Leadinfo also gives us more insight into which pages are viewed well and by what type of prospect.”

    Barry de Ruiter
    Sales Director — Ticketmaster

How does Leadinfo work

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    You can now recognise B2B website visitors

    Once our algorithms get to work, you'll be able to recognise visitors to your website from now on!

Request your free trial

You can test Leadinfo for free for two weeks. You will receive your trial version within 30 minutes on business days.

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