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1000 unique visitors
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Every new user starts off with a 14-day free trial. Why? Because during this time, we calculate how many monthly unique leads Leadinfo can identify for your company.

This is what our prices are based on. The number of unique B2B leads we identify for your every month. So you cannot choose how many leads you want us to identify for you.

Your price includes access to all of Leadinfo’s features. From real-time lead identification to lead scoring and so much more. And it contains free access to our customer service team, who are always available to help you implement our tool or address any questions or concerns you have.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Based on 250+ reviews on the independent software marketplace G2

Agency in Marketing and Advertising>
Agency in Marketing and Advertising
23 July 2022
"Every Week New Leads"
The biggest advantage of leadinfo is that I can approach companies directly for work. So far, I have no negative comment for Leadinfo. Generate business leads
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Bart v.>
Bart v.
22 June 2022
"Great insight"
Lead generation without any sales team effort. Our own company is also listed as a lead. Leadinfo gives insight in who is visiting our site.
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User in Consumer Services>
User in Consumer Services
9 June 2022
"The programm gives a goog insight in our website-visitors"
Leadinfo gives us more insight in the pages our visitors visit. i don't like that i get daily e-mails of Leadinfo. The problem that we did not knew which companies were visiting our website.
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Drs. Ing. Edwin HJ d.>
Drs. Ing. Edwin HJ d.
25 May 2022
"perfect leads checking tool for websites"
daily check for web access is working perfectly and automatic alerts are triggered to e-mails is real good nothing, the tool is performing as expected Benefits we have from using the tool is to ensure new businesses are known and current partners highlighted for info requests
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Vincent B.>
Vincent B.
16 May 2022
"Absolutely great"
Information is accurate. And for the small price it is really worth it. The company value it calculates does not seem correct. We can track our leads much better
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Caroline S.>
Caroline S.
11 May 2022
"Very valuable tool for lead generation"
Leadinfo provides valuable and useful information about our website visitors. It's an ideal tool for lead generation and offers many options for personalization, qualification and reporting. Support by the customer success manager is very good and helpful. We don't miss any features for the moment. Leadinfo gives us valuable insight into the profile of our website visitors. Furthermore, it provides us with warm leads for sales and marketing activities.
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Agency in Consumer Services>
Agency in Consumer Services
27 April 2022
"A perfect tool for end-to-end tracking and our sales team."
It's great to have a overview of the company's who visit our website, with a lot of information. In the beginning, it was not so each to come in contact with the helpdesk. Now we got an overview of which companies come to our website. So our sales team knows who they can call for an appointment.
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User in Machinery>
User in Machinery
21 April 2022
"Good to know who is checking your website"
That you exactly can see who is visiting your website. Nothing yet, maybe that some company's do not have enough information That we have a name behind our visitor data.
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Danissa v.>
Danissa v.
14 April 2022
"Improves your sales"
Leadinfo helps me gain insight into my website visitors. It is vital to see that my campaigns are attracting the right people from the right companies, and the tool makes remarketing easier. It would be helpful if I could delete lead from my list before I export them for LinkedIn retargeting. Where Google Analytics provides soms insights into demographics, LeadInfo makes sure that I get the information that is most useful for B2B Lead generation, namely: company name.
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Administrator in Computer Software>
Administrator in Computer Software
4 April 2022
"Useful outbound lead gen tool"
The dashboard is robust and pretty easy to navigate. It took very little time to set up tracking, and integrate with GA, and Google Ads. The triggers feature is also pretty useful allowing us to send to our CRM only high engaged leads. There are considerable amounts of leads who visit our website for a very short time and don't look that engaging. I would prefer them to be filtered out by default but it's pretty simple to do by setting up a duration limit trigger to do the job. The tool helps us to generate an extra volume of leads to feed our sales pipeline. Plenty of leads' company intel (in most cases) can be automatically passed into our CRM.
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All you need to know about GDPR.

Are you curious about the impact of GDRP on Leadinfo’s IP Tracking? Arnoud Engelfriet of ICTrecht compiled a list of answers for you.

Is the use of Leadinfo legal under the GDPR?

Yes, the use of Leadinfo is legal under the GDPR, which was introduced as a European privacy law on 25 May 2018.

Leadinfo matches the IP address of the visitor against a publicly available database of company data (such as the Chamber of Commerce). According to the GDPR, the IP address is considered to be private data, and there must be solid justification for its use. The justification is ‘own legitimate interest’, provided for in Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR. This article states working with personal data is permitted if this serves a clear interest and privacy standards are maintained.

Marketing and analytics are considered to be legitimate interests, and Leadinfo only uses private data in a limited capacity. IP addresses are not saved and only publicly accessible corporate data is shared with the users. This means that Leadinfo maintains privacy standards. As a Leadinfo user, you are obliged to state these facts in your company’s privacy statement, as well as the register of data processing operations.

Does Leadinfo use cookies?

Leadinfo does not use cookies. Recognition of companies is purely based on IP addresses. In addition to this recognition, Leadinfo shows analytical information. For this purpose, we place two first-party cookies through which only the client gets access to information on how their visitors use the website. These cookies are not linked to other information and nothing is shared with third parties. There is no consent required by law for the use of these particular cookies.

Can I contact visitors directly?

You are free to contact visitors directly using data acquired through Leadinfo’s software. The GDPR does not apply to company data such as public telephone numbers. Please be aware that sending unsolicited commercial emails or text messages contravenes spam laws, even when these are sent to public telephone numbers or info@ email addresses. If you’d like to contact a person within a company, you must have a clear basis for doing so, such as an opt-in or a warm client relationship. Simply the fact that someone has visited your site is not a sufficient basis for emailing or calling this person. You will need an additional, specific reason to engage in personal contact.

How do I install the Leadinfo tracking code on my website?

You can install the tracking code by adding the code manually to your website, use Google Tag Manager or use our plug-ins for WordPress, Joomla!, Shopware, Wix, Squarespace or Drupal.

What should I mention on my site when I use Leadinfo?

GDPR requires companies to inform their visitors about what happens to their personal data. They must do so in a privacy statement. An explanation in the Terms and Conditions is not legally valid. You can choose how you would like to word this in your privacy statement. The following is a sample text that you could base your text on: To measure B2B use of our website, we use the Leadinfo solution based in Rotterdam. This service shows us company names and addresses based on the IP addresses of our visitors. The IP address is not stored after use.

How long are IP addresses stored?

Directly after Leadinfo’s systems have received an IP address, matched company data is requested and shown in the portal. The IP addresses are not shown or stored.

Extra features to help you win!

We want to help in your growth journey. So that’s why different options are available depending on which tier you fall into. Discover below which features an add-ons your company is eligible for.

Screen recording
Liquid content
Remove lead gen form branding

Discover our winning features

Automate your work

Obtain maximum results by configuring actions or content shown when specific users visit your website. Automate processes and focus your energy on what really matters.

Automatic Lead Scoring

Based on the total time spent on your website, you can quickly see who are your hottest leads. Meaning you know where to focus your attention next.


Empower your sales team regardless of their location. See who’s following up with hot leads, update colleagues and collaborate via the comment function.

Export data

The data you accumulate with our software is always and forever yours. You can export it at any time and keep using the information you gathered even after you stop using our product.

GDPR compliant

We worry about GDPR regulations so you don’t have to. Leadinfo is GDPR compliant according to Article 6(1)(f).

Google Ads integration

Unite your data in one place by integrating Google Ads and Leadinfo and visualise the story your lead generation efforts are creating.

Leads in real-time

Be active, not reactive. Observe and respond to leads in real-time. Meaning you have access to a constant stream of opportunities which you can pursue as they come in.

Native Integrations

One-click, no third-party tools, integrate to 25+ platforms. You can harness powerful buyer intent data using the sales and marketing platforms you love in the snap of a finger.

Personalise your website messaging

Don’t say the same thing twice. Use Leadinfo to create and personalise the journey of each person that visits your website.

Personalise your website messaging

Don’t say the same thing twice. Use Leadinfo to create and personalise the journey of each person that visits your website.

Powerful lead-gen Forms

Take the lead and easily craft powerful lead gen forms to encourage website visitors to get in touch.

Real-time Inbox

View your website visitors the same way you view your email. Our inbox layout gives you an extensive company profile about each and every visitor. No complicated statistics involved.


Supercharge your marketing efforts. Export customer data and use it to interact with leads on LinkedIn.

Screen recording

We don’t just give you an overview of each website visitor, with Leadinfo you can also see each lead’s detailed browsing activity. Meaning you can spot users showing buying intent from a mile away.


Make important information pop by harnessing custom, colour-coded tags. Enabling you to quickly see and triage information about each website visitor based on what you deem important.