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1,500+ Online Marketing Agencies help their clients win with Leadinfo. If you are a Marketing Agency, all-around Digital Agency or Internet Advertising Company, we can help your B2B clients generate more leads.

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One of our customers was able to generate an additional €235,000 after just six months from leads discovered via Leadinfo.

Mark Graatsma – Reason Online Marketing

Leadinfo transforms anonymous website visitors into leads

The Leadinfo software links a visitor’s IP address to our unique database and generates an overview of each B2B visitor in a clear and easy-to-use dashboard. You can also see each lead’s detailed browsing activity using behavioral analytics. This information can be used to supercharge your clients marketing efforts and interact with leads on LinkedIn.


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Providing you with powerful tools

We’ll give you all the resources you need to make the most out of our software. From a designated partner dashboard and exclusive access to all new features, to partner only events and a dedicated Partner Manager, we’ll stand by your side and help you craft a winning strategy.

Introduce customers to our software

Because you’re scratching our back, we want to scratch yours too. So whenever you implement Leadinfo for a client to help them reach new opportunities, you can either offer them a 15% discount on our billing options or be compensated via a 15% kickback.

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Offer services around our software

Setting up customers’ accounts is one thing, but making the most of them is another. Provide product training, build custom integrations or in-depth customisations options to take your customers to the next level. All at your own discretion.

Leadinfo is a powerful tool which gives more tangible insights than Google Analytics.

Babs van Gent – Boostu


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Our Partner Program is a place where every business can achieve its goals. So whether you’re a marketing agency, all-around digital agency or internet advertising company, we can help your B2B clients.

Leadinfo recognises 30% more companies than its competitors. That’s why we partner with them.

Jente Kamphuis – VIP Marketing


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Dedicated Partner Manager
A designated partner manager who will stand by your side and help you craft your winning strategy.

Access to exclusive events
You’ll be invited to launch events and exclusive partner-only events.

Priority access to new features
Try out new additions and be the first to know.

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We already have an amazing network of over 800 partners from 8 different countries that use Leadinfo. Become part of this great network and be part of this unique club.

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