An ode to the winner

The world is full of opportunities, waiting to be taken. Taken by ambitious, relentless winners, like you. It’s you we had in mind while creating Leadinfo.

Our lead-generation software generates more and better leads than any other competing software. Leadinfo delivers the best lead generation software to winners who know how to grow.


Help companies achieve success with better software.

Leadinfo was started with a growth marketer mindset so we’re always optimising and improving our software so you can save time and money and close more deals. We know how to use and harness data to make the most of b2b website visitors.

Stop following. Start leading.

Marketing, sales, or e-commerce managers use Leadinfo for economic growth. Lead generation software has become a crucial part of the sales funnel, and when setting up the funnel software can make the difference between winning and losing. Who shows the most leads, who can I do business with and who can I change quickly?

Be a winner, use Leadinfo.

We are goal-oriented, go for results and inspire you to become stronger and better yourself. Leadinfo provides the tools for companies to get better results and helps companies to become bigger and stronger.

Join one of the fastest growing scale-ups in Rotterdam.

We’re a group of thinkers and leaders from across the globe on a relentless pursuit to give our clients the best leads. We work fast, we work smart and ultimately, we go for the win. We love people who take responsibility, not orders.

However we also love to play hard. Imagine Friday night drinks, Xbox gaming breaks, coffee and snacks available all day in addition to daily lunch. That’s what life at Leadinfo is about: winning and enjoying every second of it.

Join our winning team!