Providing clarity and leads for more than 60 websites

As one of the biggest multi-purpose indoor convention centres in the Benelux region, and managing more than 60 websites, Kortrijk Xpo sought to elevate the efficiency of its sales efforts. They choose our software because it provides them with detailed company information and an arsenal of add-ons that streamline their work processes.

Krotrijk Xpo building in Belgium

When ideas need space

Kortrijk Xpo helps to bring ideas to life and gives them space to breathe. More than 30 annual exhibitions transport, awe and educate visitors about different industries. From architecture to food fairs, their indoor arena and convention centre, which spans some 40,000 square meters, is equipped to make any event a reality. Given the nature of its business, the company manage more than 60 websites, has numerous contacts and is continually growing its database of vendors. To simplify their work processes while yielding higher sales results, they implemented Leadinfo.

“We were looking to make our sales process more efficient.”

Helping a giant take advantage of our entire toolset

Given the size of Kortrijk Xpo, the Leadinfo team helped them implement the tracking codes across their entire repertoire of sites and train multiple users as to how to use their software and all of the add-ons. Kortrijk Xpo also designated one internal employee to coordinate all processes associated with Leadinfo. From their way of working to the number of users who have access and training, the company wanted to ensure a consistent way of working.

Once all systems were up and running, Kortrijk Xpo started using the full repertoire of Leadinfo tools. They began by implementing tags to categorise leads based on the sales stages in their CRM to be able to see at a glance where each website visitor is in their journey. Depending on where a lead came from and which pages they visit, triggers are enabled to notify their staff and add specific labels. The next step would be to link the software to their ERP to continuously have leads fed into their database. Thus streamlining their way of working and notifying the team when a big fish visits their site.

“Leadinfo helped streamline our way of working, ensuring we never miss a big fish again.”

Real-time information

The inbox layout allows Kortrijk Xpo to see who visited their various websites the same way they view their email. It gives extensive information about every company, from individual contact details to the number of employees and sales figures. All of this, in real-time. This detailed breakdown of each visitor impressed Kortrijk Xpo and is what motivated them to pick Leadinfo.

Enabling their sales team to succeed

Kortrijk Xpo has a large portfolio of clients, prospects and interested visitors. And although cold calling will remain a part of their sales tactics, Leadinfo’s extensive database and the easy-to-manipulate interface gives the company additional tools to help their teams succeed. By knowing who visited one or more of their sites and having their contact details, Kortrijk Xpo empowers its sales team to go after the hottest leads based on actionable insights. The result? An increase in their conversion rate.

“Leadinfo has enabled us to chase only the hottest leads. Thus increasing our conversion rate.”