Are our marketing efforts reaching the right people?

Niels Dirix, Marketing Manager at GBT Opleidingen, needed to be sure the marketing team’s activities were reaching the right people. So the company uses Leadinfo as their software of choice to provide them with concrete answers.

GBT employees using Leadinfo on a computer

Hoping to learn more about our website visitors

GBT Opleidingen specialises in training and educating blue-collar employees in the industrial, technical and logistics workplace. Given our services, our marketing and sales efforts mainly target decision-makers and HR departments of various companies. And the more marketing activities we carried out, the more traffic came to our site. But we couldn’t be sure we were reaching the right target audience. So we implemented Leadinfo to learn more about our website visitors.

“I had a product demo and was immediately impressed with the product. This is exactly what our company needs.”

Niels Dirix, Marketing Manager at GBT Opleidingen

Integrating Leadinfo into our marketing and sales workflow

Over the last few years of using Leadinfo, we’ve developed a three-step process that guides how we use the data at our disposal.

  1. We analyse the data and the types of companies that come to our website. This enables us to see if our marketing messages reach the right target group.
  2. We observe through which channels the companies come in and how often they visit us. So we analyse each company’s website behaviour to decide if a lead is interesting or not.
  3. We export the relevant companies and associated data and send them directly to our CRM system. Ensuring our account managers can get to work immediately and not miss a hot lead.

Using the Leadinfo data to further our online marketing efforts

Apart from using the Leadinfo Inbox, we use the company’s integration feature, and their tags feature to be able to label companies as “leads”, “customers”, and “not interesting”. Like this, we can quickly see our website newcomers every day. This paints a good picture of our campaigns’ success and the current market.


Over the course of three years of using Leadinfo, we’ve been able to convert more than 500 companies and imported them into our CRM system. Our sales team is continuously always fed a large number of interesting companies that are worth following up on. And our marketing team has extra data at their disposal, a vital component in today’s online marketing landscape.

“Leadinfo has become part of our weekly workflow.”

Niels Dirix, Marketing Manager at GBT Opleidingen