Simplifying client acquisition, resulting in 100 new weekly leads

Sam van de Wiel, Head of Marketing at B&G Hekwerk, describes how the Sales Managers and Marketing team use Leadinfo to know more about their client base and attract better quality leads to their website.

interior of the B&G Fencing warehouse

Wanting to better understand our B2B website visitors

Since 1963, B&G Fencing has been a leading player in the market for fencing, access via gates, and integrated security solutions. We help our clients feel safe by finding the right balance between accessibility and security. Headquartered in Veldhoven, Netherlands, we work for various customers located across the Benelux region and continental Europe. And we use Leadinfo to know more about our B2B website visitors and their behaviour.

Picking an analytical software best suited for B2B companies

B&G Fencing has a B2B business model. Because of this, Google Analytics insights are not very helpful because they don’t provide company information about our website visitors. To find out the type of clients that were visiting our website, the products they are interested in and whether they came via a paid advertising campaign, we implemented Leadinfo.

“Google Analytics doesn’t make it easy to understand the behaviour of our website visitors. We wanted to know more about the companies visiting our website. That’s why we implemented Leadinfo.”

Sam van de Wiel, Head of Marketing at B&G Hekwerk

Choosing the tool with the easiest installation process

I was already familiar with Leadinfo when working at a Marketing Agency. During that time, the tool helped us acquire B2B clients. So it was a no-brainer that such a tool needed to be implemented when I started at B&G Fencing. And it was easy! Using Google Tag Manager, we quickly set up Leadinfo, implemented triggers and enabled email reports.

“We wanted a user-friendly solution that focuses on providing us with answers instead of distractions. That’s why we love Leadinfo.”

Sam van de Wiel, Head of Marketing at B&G Hekwerk

Making Leadinfo part of our sales playbook and getting 75 to 100 new leads a week

Leadinfo provides us with more insights about our clientele. So we use that information to refine our marketing efforts. From refining our LinkedIn Audiences to optimising our paid campaigns, we can see which campaign is bringing in the most leads and less successful ones using Leadinfo.

In addition, we’ve embedded Leadinfo into our Sales process. Every company that visits our website gets a label representing a Sales Manager’s region. Then, every Thursday, each Manager receives an email summarising leads that visited our website. The competition is excluded using Leadinfo triggers, so our Sales Managers can focus on reaching out to interesting leads. On average, we get 75 to 100 new leads per week.

“Using Leadinfo, we’ve been able to optimise our campaigns to attract new customers, and our Sales Managers receive 75 to 100 new leads per week.”

Sam van de Wiel, Head of Marketing at B&G Hekwerk

Knowing more about our B2B leads to remain a top player

Leadinfo has helped increase our team’s productivity. We know more about the types of companies visiting our website and the content they are attracted to. Meaning we can refine our top-of-the-funnel advertising efforts. And armed with more leads, we’re able to make more sales calls and close extra client orders, all thanks to Leadinfo.

But we’re not stopping there. We’re currently building our internal Marketing Team. Using Leadinfo, we’re eager to run highly targeted advertising campaigns. Combined with a thoughtful email nurturing sequence, this would result in a closed deal.