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What’s new at Leadinfo: We’re going cookieless

Leadinfo is a lead generation software that allows you to recognise the anonymous companies that visit your website. We do not use any cookies to build our company profiles. But to showcase analytical data to you and enable screen recording, we do place two first-party cookies, which only our clients get access to. 

However, as of today, we’ve also enabled you to choose the option of cookieless tracking. So you can select the option you prefer. Ensuring everyone can feel comfortable using our software.

First-party cookies vs third-party cookies: What’s the difference?

Let’s start with the basics. First-party cookies are small packets of data issued by your website every time a user visits your platform directly. This data includes aspects such as logins and usernames, user behaviour and language settings.

First-party cookies make your web browsing experience more comfortable. Without them, a website would treat you like a first-time visitor every time you load a new page. For example, without first-party cookies, you would not be able to buy multiple items at the same time because the cart would reset after every item that was added.

Third-party cookies, on the other hand, are created by websites other than the one you’re visiting. By embedding an external JavaScript code within your website, marketers, advertisers, and social networks can track you and monitor your online activity. Allowing them to build a digital profile of you based on your search habits and interest so they can serve you more relevant content and ads.

How to track without cookies

We’d like to begin by saying that most of our functionalities will not be impacted if you opt-out of using cookies. How is this possible? Because a lot of our information comes from a user’s IP address which is linked to our database that sources data from local chambers of commerce.

The information we gather via cookies will now be collected by capturing a user’s web browser information. Because when someone visits your website, it leaves a digital fingerprint that can be recognised across subsequent page visits. This fingerprint is not stored in a user’s device, so it does not provide data about what the visitor does outside of visiting your website.

So if you wish to opt-out, simply go to your settings within the Leadinfo Inbox and select “disable cookies” under the “Trackers” header.

Will cookieless tracking affect my user experience?

We’re going to answer honestly and say that, yes, cookieless tracking will influence the on-page analytics within the Leadinfo portal. It specifically impacts two elements:

  • How sessions are shown in the company profile – Without cookies, it will be difficult to separate different sessions from the same website visitor. Meaning that all website visits from one day could end up grouped together as one session.
  • Screen recording – You will not be able to use screen recording if you enable cookieless tracking.

Want to know more and how to enable cookieless tracking? Learn more by checking out our help article.