Clarify the way forward in our clients’ growth

To help clients further elevate their digital presence, the Belgium online marketing agency Ziedoes partners with us and offers our software as part of their marketing proposal to all of their B2B clients. Our software helps define the way forward for their customers in their digital growth via tangible insights.

The ziedoes team standing proudly by Leadinfo

Wanting to deliver more actionable insights to our clients

A young and energetic team with a passion for online marketing, Ziedoes aims to help your company move forward in the digital sphere. From designing websites which delight users to growing your social media presence via ads and videos which make an impact, we blend our personal approach with strategy to get you the results you want.

We manage the paid media efforts for numerous organisations. And although we could provide them with a lot of data such as conversion rate and the source of each click, we could never tell our clients with precise accuracy who visited their website which pages they browsed. So we partner with Leadinfo to elevate our service offering and deliver more insights to our clients.

“We picked Leadinfo as our lead gen partner to elevate our service offering and deliver more insights to our clients.”

Using Leadinfo to make big picture goals more tangible

Right from the start of our 14-day trial, we immediately liked the Leadinfo software. Its ease of use and the detailed and accurate information it provides about each website visitor attracted us. We now include it as part of our marketing proposal to all of our B2B clients. However, before we go through the implementation process, we chat with CEO’s and sales teams to get them thinking about the bigger picture and what they wish to achieve. Only then can we ensure their success and proper use of the software.

What we love about Leadinfo

Apart from being able to tell our clients exactly who visited their website, which and how many pages they viewed and how long they spent on the site; We also utilise the software’s extensive integration capabilities a lot. From connecting Leadinfo to Salesforce to Google Ads and LinkedIn to refine keyword strategies and craft highly-targeted prospect lists, we’re grateful not to have to input new data by hand and to able to quickly access new insights and add them to our current workflow.

We also set up and utilise the trigger functionality a lot so that our clients can quickly see the status of each lead and configure actions for specific companies who visit their site. For example, based on whether a lead is hot or not, certain follow-up actions will be triggered.

“We’re grateful not to have to input new data by hand and quickly access new insights and add them to our current workflow.”

A lead gen software that provides immediate tangible insights

Leadinfo has become a staple tool in our repertoire and has helped provide actionable insights and a clearer path forward to many of our clients operating in the B2B space. For example, one of our customer’s sells printers to various organisations. They used to do a lot of cold calling to drum up interest and grow their marketing list. However, using Leadinfo, the company can now see which website visit steamed from which campaign and better follow up, retarget and nurture clients.

“Leadinfo has helped our clients clarify the way forward in their digital growth.”