Connecting the marketing and sales funnel

Full-service web and marketing agency Wemessage helps entrepreneurs by putting together the ideal mix of tools to help their marketing efforts take off. They offer Leadinfo to all of their B2B clients to connect the sales and marketing funnels together.

Wemessage is a proud leadinfo partner

Wemessage thinks, builds and brands

Wemessage is a full-service web and marketing agency. Founded in 2014, they are a close-knit team of certified professionals who strategically craft online marketing campaigns and work daily on result-oriented websites, webshops and apps. They strive to put together an ideal mix of marketing tools for entrepreneurs that perfectly fit their needs and that of their customers. This is why they partner with us. They view our software as the perfect addition to connect their B2B customer’s sales and marketing funnels.

“Leadinfo enables our clients to reach users in the decision-making stage.”

Committing to Leadinfo from the very beginning

We’re proud that Wemessage was one of our very first partners. They choose Leadinfo because of our business proposition and commitment to continuous improvements. They’ve stayed with us in our growth and now love that we are an essential and multi-purpose tool. It enables their clients to reach users in the decision-making stage because they can now identify and approach companies who have visited their website (potentially multiple times) but taken no action.

Utilising all the features to streamline their process

Apart from the handy inbox functionality, which showcases all of their client’s info in one overview, Wemessage always links Leadinfo to their customer’s CMS to allow their existing data to be enriched. They also frequently export the data to create keyword or targeted prospect lists on Google and LinkedIn. Thus, ensuring their campaigns are seen by the right people and skyrocketing their ROI. To enable further collaboration with their clients, Wemessage uses tags a lot so that everyone working with the software can, at a glance, see the status of a website visitor. But what’s their client’s favourite Leadinfo feature? The screen recording component, meaning they can visualise user behaviour.

“What’s our client’s favourite Leadinfo feature? The screen recording component, meaning they can visualise user behaviour.”

Attracting and converting more customers

Leadinfo is one of the tools Wemessage offers to B2B entrepreneurs to give them actionable insights and transform anonymous website visitors into leads and prospects. Thus ensuring a continuous flow of data in the marketing funnel. Besides that, their clients also use Leadinfo to upsell. By connecting the software to their CMS, one ICT organisation observed which pages existing clients have browsed and reached out to them to offer personalised assistance, which has resulted in upselling opportunities.