30% more leads than the competition

VIP Marketing transforms websites into Money Makers. To ensure their clients never miss another sale, they partner with us to help their clients achieve more and exceed their growth goals.

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Using Leadinfo to stand out from the competition

For small to medium-sized enterprises, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and gain an edge in the crowded internet landscape. This is why the agency has developed the VIP marketing method, which guarantees results within a year. To elevate their customer’s success stories, the brand partner with Leadinfo as we are a leading lead gen software in the Netherlands and recognises 30% more companies than our competitors.

“We choose Leadinfo because of its competitive prices, clear user interface and large dataset.”

Jente Kamphuis, Founder of VIP Marketing

Giving their clients a competitive advantage

VIP Marketing helps their clients build a strong online foundation and choose Leadinfo to fuel our performance. Because knowing who visits your website gives you a competitive edge. From our massive dataset, which recognises more companies than other softwares on the market, to our competitive pricing model and clear user interface that prioritises the user and requires no training to use, Leadinfo helps the agency craft a winning strategy for their clients.

Bringing their clients closer to their customers

Thanks to the real-time inbox feature, VIP Marketing can serve leads to their customers on a silver platter. On a daily basis. Next to this, they also use the lead gen form to further connect clients with their customers. This feature encourages users to reach out while also making it easier for companies to call back potential leads.

Work smarter, not harder

Leadinfo empowers VIP Marketing’s customers to stop following and start taking charge of their success. The easy-to-use software ensures both their team and customers achieve more by enabling them to deliver more leads to their customers on a daily basis. Ensuring their clients never miss a big fish again.

“Leadinfo is a powerful Money Maker for our B2B customers.”

Jente Kamphuis, Founder of VIP Marketing