Providing clients with right answers

Unmuted is a B2B Growth Marketing agency helping companies create sustainable growth. They use Leadinfo to help their clients find out the best times to engage with leads.

Unmuted partner case leadinfo

A unique approach to growth marketing

At Unmuted, the team creates, plans and executes smart growth strategies for businesses in the digital services industry, like SaaS companies, digital agencies, FinTech companies and more. Using their unique process, they identify the most impactful marketing projects early on and ensure these are implemented efficiently.

Their clients often have a relatively niche clientele, so it’s essential that they know when a potential customer is showing interest in their products or services. This is where Leadinfo plays an important role.

“We put a lot of time and money into attracting leads for our clients. It helps to know if those efforts are paying off. This is where Leadinfo data comes into play.”

A lead gen tool for companies of all sizes

There are multiple reasons why Unmuted opted for Leadinfo over other tools. One of which is because all different types of organisations can use it. Business owners who simply want to keep an eye on what type of businesses visit their website can do just that. If there’s a sizable sales team, Leadinfo will help support and direct SDRs in their outreach initiatives. For smaller sales teams, it pays off to work with proper triggering, so they will only need to focus on the ‘warmest’ accounts.

“There are multiple reasons why you’d want to opt for Leadinfo over other tools. One of which is because all different types of organisations can use it.”

Giving their clients the tools to know when to engage with leads

After setting up an account for Unmuted’s clients’, the agency provides in-house training to their customers. During this time, they’ll show them how to interpret Leadinfo data and use it, among other things, to take action. For instance, by connecting with stakeholders on LinkedIn.

Together they will also agree on a “crucial moment”, indicating a lead is ready to be activated. For one client, this might be when visitors have viewed their website multiple times and the pricing page. For another, it might be when a lead comes from their LinkedIn Ads. By seeing the live behaviour of each website visitor, it’s easy to know when to activate and start engaging with a lead.

Merging Slack and Leadinfo boosts collaboration

Unmuted’s favourite aspect of our software is our many integration options. They use the Slack integration the most. They will set up a #sales-feed channel for their customers, which notifies them of companies that visit their website throughout the day. These notifications are based on behavioural triggers, like time spent reading specific blog posts or visits to contact or demo pages.

The sales team can easily respond to Slack notifications with emoji reactions. For example, a green checkmark indicates a team member is picking up a lead, and a red “X” means the company is not the right match.

The additional value of website visitor data

Using Leadinfo provides peace of mind because clients can visualise their website traffic and see that they are staying top of mind when conducting business deals with larger clients.

The lead gen software gives insights into qualitative goals such as whether the right companies are visiting our clients’ websites, whether their LinkedIn ads are performing well or if people are reading their content. Companies usually struggle to answer these questions, but with Leadinfo, you can answer these in no time. This offers enormous added value to their customers’ marketing efforts.

“By using Leadinfo, we can provide our clients with peace of mind in addition to answers to tough analytical questions about their website. And that’s of enormous value.”