A partnership that gives our customers the best leads

Sigma Solutions help manufacturing and wholesale B2B companies grow and expand their reach via online solutions. To elevate their customer’s success stories, they partner with Leadinfo. Together, we ensure that the right customers are visiting their client’s website and provide additional insights about the sales cycle.

Sigma Solutons is a proud partner of Leadinfo

Helping our customers achieve success online using Leadinfo

Founded in 2003, what started as a beautiful idea has evolved and grown into a full-fledged business that helps elevate B2B companies in a digital manner. From strategy to development to marketing execution, our company can be a strategic partner or an operational one. Given our mission of harnessing digital tools to create online success, it felt only natural to partner with Leadinfo.

“The company’s large dataset, easy integration across all digital platforms and complete GDPR compliance is what sold us.”

Choosing one lead gen tool over another

Why did we choose Leadinfo? In part thanks to its large dataset which enables us to help our clients identify more leads than competing softwares. In addition, the fact that Leadinfo can be linked to almost all platforms via Zapier, that the software is completely GDPR compliant, and that their pricing model is based on market-based rates were contributing factors to our decision as well. Lastly, the company’s culture and their continuous drive to improve resonated strongly with us.

Using Leadinfo to work smarter

To help our clients reach their full potential, we must ensure that website visitors match our client’s target demographic and that users undertake qualifying activities. Therefore, we mainly use Leadinfo to support buyer enablement efforts. Our clients have been able to activate prospects in addition to less active customers thanks to Leadinfo’s dashboard which provides them with additional company information and contact details of individuals.

However, one’s website is only one source of information. To ensure our client’s success, we also work with them to elevate their connecting digital channels. Thanks to Leadinfo, we can take a more data-driven approach to social media by exporting the data and using it to build high-quality targeted prospect lists on LinkedIn. We also use the tool to adjust campaign budgets as needed.

“We mainly use Leadinfo to support buyer enablement efforts.”

Providing our clients with additional data to close more deals

By partnering with Leadinfo, we are able to provide our customers with a 360-degree view of their customers across multiple digital channels. We also help clients see where their external advertising efforts were going amiss. By combining our expertise with the Leadinfo software, we have been able to elevate our client’s digital efforts and deliver online success, thus keeping in line with our company mission.

“By partnering with Leadinfo, we are able to provide our customers with a 360-degree view of their customers across multiple digital channels.”