A software that improves our website usability

As Federkiel & Friends keeps growing and helping medium-sized companies elevate their digital evolution, they wanted to know more about their website visitors and behaviour. So they implemented Leadinfo to not only help them bring in more sales but also refine their website structure.

Federkiel & Friends stands proudly behind the Leadinfo software

Winning and inspiring customers throughout their digital evolution

German-based online marketing agency, Federkiel & Friends, is made up of a dynamic team of experts who are ready to develop and offer you flexible digital marketing solutions. How? We ensure you will be found across the internet while winning you customers and developing your fan base. From SEO and SEA to email marketing and marketing automation, our team does it all in a sustainable, honest and value-based manner.

As we keep growing, we wanted to know more about our website visitors and their needs. Is our site easy to use and navigate? Can information be found easily? Are there barriers to conversion? So we implemented the Leadinfo software to answer these questions, which shows us who visited our website, when, and what pages they browsed. But also showcases each company’s browsing habits.

“We implemented Leadinfo, which not only shows us who visited our website but also their browsing habits.”

A unique software with an incredible team to support it

The unique features of Leadinfo are what first attracted us to the software. It goes beyond giving us leads by also demonstrating each visitor’s behaviour via screen recordings. This has empowered us to improve our website and individual page usability based on browsing patterns.

However, what convinced us to seal the deal with the company was the helpfulness and eagerness of the Sales team and the very user-friendly and clear interface of the software. Meaning we could implement it and use it within minutes. These elements influenced our choice of working with Leadinfo.

“What motivated us to seal the deal was the helpfulness of their Sales team and the very user friendly and clear interface of the software.”

From spotting a hot lead to refining our client’s keywords

Apart from using Leadinfo ourselves, we offer it to our clients as well, when relevant, who use it for more sales purposes. They often like to be able to see detailed information about who visits their website, their browsing behaviour and to be able to automatically label leads based on their source or level of interest. We also link Leadinfo to Google Adwords, enabling both our clients and us to further refine our keyword strategy. We’re still in the early stages of this process but we are excited about the opportunities.

The same number of leads for a lower budget

Leadinfo has enabled us to grow by not only giving us more leads but helping us further refine our website thanks to the screen recording feature. It has also yielded concrete results for our clients. For example, for one customer, we were able to reduce their Search Engine Advertising budget because we could clearly define which regions relevant companies came from. The result was a 40% lower budget which generated the same number of clicks and relevant leads. How’s that for winning!