Increasing our sales efficiency

Ihsan Khalil, Founder and CEO  of neckarfreunde, describes what aspects convinced his agency to sign-up for Leadinfo and how they use it to provide their clients with many reliable and quality leads.

the neckarfreunde standing proudly together

Aiming to give even more to our customers

neckarfreunde is a German-based agency that helps companies with their branding, positioning, digital designs and marketing efforts. However, neckarfreunde is more than a simple agency, we act as your strategic business partner that helps move your business forward using creativity, strategy, content and digital tools.

One of our business goals was to know more about our website visitors. Why? So that we could further fill our sales pipeline and provide our clients with more quality leads. This objective is what pushed us to try Leadinfo.

Choosing the most user-friendly lead generation software on the market

Leadinfo’s usability is what convinced us to pick this lead generation software over another. It’s straightforward, affordable and offers everything you need without unnecessary clutter. It’s a lean and mean solution that our team could start using immediately. No training is required. However, the Leadinfo team were very present, communicative and eager to help should we experience any bumps in the road during implementation.

“We picked Leadinfo because it’s a lean solution that our team could start using immediately.”

Ihsan Khalil, Founder and CEO

Quality leads we can nurture better

Apart from using the Leadinfo Inbox, we also use the tool to measure the performance of our landing pages and Google Ads campaigns. Using a trigger, this data is shared with our CRM system. Then, our sales team uses this information to better nurture potential clients and cater to their wishes and requirements based on the Leadinfo data. That same information is used to create a price proposal based on client needs rather than sticking to a rigid pricing system. A huge step forward for our sales and marketing team.

Because we understand how to use Leadinfo and have seen such impressive results, we also offer it to all of our clients. Because our customers are looking for quality leads. And Leadinfo delivers that in a straightforward and reliable manner. We support our clients during the implementation process and also advise them on how to best use the tool to increase their sales efficiency.

“Our customers are looking for quality leads. And Leadinfo delivers that in a straightforward and reliable manner. ”

Ihsan Khalil, Founder and CEO

Results at the snap of our fingers

Overall, we highly recommend using Leadinfo and encourage every client to integrate the software into their own processes to quickly see results. The software’s ease of use and strong support team means that it’s a breeze to get it working and see results in no time.