Consistent leads, consistent results

Multiply helps retailers grow their online presence in a rapidly changing world while at the same time seeking to expand their reach. They partner with Leadinfo to achieve both goals. That’s 2 for the price of 1.


The retail marketing specialist

As an online marketing agency, we at Multiply want to help retailers grow efficiently in a rapidly changing world based on knowledge and innovation. We work with retailers and brands that want to attract new customers, reactivate existing customers or need help translating their message online. With our retail knowledge and passion for all things digital, we can help you achieve your goals. Ultimately, we help you grow and use Leadinfo to accelerate that goal.

“We picked Leadinfo as our partner because it identifies more companies than its competitors.”

Picking the software with the most extensive reach

We wanted to know more about who was visiting our website. We felt that Leadinfo is the right partner for us because of the personal contact we have with our dedicated Partner Manager, the numerous opportunities and add-ons it offers, and, most importantly, because it identifies more companies than its competitors. These factors give us the confidence to recommend Leadinfo to our clients.

Optimised spending thanks to additional insights

Once we decided to partner with Leadinfo, the implementation process went very quick, thanks to the close contact we had with our partner manager. They set up the first couple of accounts for us while walking us through the process, which empowered us to take off running and do the same for our clients in no time.

What we’re most impressed with is the amount of information provided about each company. From social handles to email addresses and even phone numbers, we use this information to identify more leads for both ourselves and our customers. We use our website results to target and connect with potential customers by exporting the data and creating targeted prospect lists. Our clients use Leadinfo in a similar manner. Knowing who visits their website and each user’s source, our clients have boosted their ROI and marketing spend.

“Our clients have been able to boost their ROI and marketing spend thanks to Leadinfo’s additional insights.”

Ten extra leads a month

Recommending Leadinfo is a no brainer for us when clients struggle to get more leads or want to know more about their website visitors. We use the accumulated data within our own marketing flow and that of our clients. And it’s allowed us to discover and follow up with ten extra leads per month for the past year—something which would have been impossible without using Leadinfo.