Landing a deal worth 100k euros

Leapforce is an online Growth Hacking Agency that helps companies build and grow their sales and marketing activities. In a world with +8,000 different marketing tools, they choose Leadinfo because it’s a multi-purpose tool with a global reach that enables them to build high-quality retargeting lists.

Leapforce is a proud Leadinfo partner

Choosing the right tools for our clients

Founded in 2018, Leapforce is an online Growth Hacking Agency based in Amsterdam that helps companies build and manage their digital sales and marketing machines. From content marketing to marketing automation and everything in between, they apply their signature Flywheel of Growth Hacking philosophy to help brands succeed. This entails selecting the right tools based on your goals, measuring and optimising results, and automating processes to make your business more data-driven. When looking for the best lead gen tool to add to their repertoire, Leapforce picked Leadinfo as it is a multi-purpose tool that they find indispensable.

“We needed a tool that would show exactly who visited our client’s website and which channel they came from and Leadinfo does just that and more.”

Witold Rosendaal, Director & Co-Founder of Leapforce

Building high-quality retargeting lists

Leapforce needed a tool that would show exactly who visited their client’s website and which channel they came from, whether it be LinkedIn, Google or email, to be able to retarget leads. If the tool in question could also automate processes to streamline the sales process, then that would be even better. This is why they picked Leadinfo to be their partner. Its dozens of integration possibilities through Zapier and automation options enable both the agency and clients to quickly implement it and continue their sales and marketing activities with more insights at their fingertips.

Using the Leadinfo data to reach customers in the decision-making stage

Leapforce gives all of its clients a free two-week trial and helps them install the tracking code across their website(s). Their customers proceed to use Leadinfo to access data that was previously inaccessible. These newly available insights allow them to tag specific website visitors as “extra interesting” based on set actions taken (for example, spending a lot of time on a product or service page). This customer data is then transferred over instantly to their client’s CRM, such as HubSpot, ActiveCampaign or Insightly, to be followed up on.

Since they can gauge interest in a client’s product or service much more efficiently, because Leapfoce can see a user’s browsing pattern and how long they spent on each page, they also use the data gathered via Leadinfo to craft highly targeted LinkedIn audience lists. Something which can be done in a matter of minutes using the exported data for Leadinfo. Then, the agency measures the success rate by observing the number of visitors who originated from each campaign. Thus ensuring that their client’s message reaches leads who are still in the decision-making stage and enabling Leapfoce to continuously optimise campaigns.

“We can gauge a user’s interest in a much more tangible manner using Leadinfo.”

Witold Rosendaal, Director & Co-Founder of Leapforce

An indispensable tool

Thanks to Leadinfo, guesswork is a thing of the past. Leapforce’s clients can immediately see which company visited their website, through which campaign each user originated (if any) and which pages this user browsed.

Simply by observing user behaviour and labelling leads, one client contacted 26 new companies on LinkedIn in less than a month. Two of them indicated they wanted a one-to-one chat, and ten of them requested more information. Another customer landed a deal worth 100,000€ via a Leadinfo lead.

And these are just two client stories of many! Leapforce is excited to continue partnering and offering Leadinfo to help elevate its customer’s online performance.

"One of our customers landed a deal worth 100,000€ via a Leadinfo lead."

Witold Rosendaal, Director & Co-Founder of Leapforce