A strong partnership that yields results

As a leading digital marketing agency in the Netherlands, Leadlogic’s goal is to help its clients grow and ensure success in the digital sphere. To achieve this, they partner with Leadinfo. Our dedication to customer service and continuous improvement won them over.

Leadlogic is a proud partner of Leadinfo

Combining efforts to help our clients beat their competitors

From idea to reality, Leadlogic has blossomed into a leading digital marketing agency since its founding in 2014. Today, our team of experienced digital marketing specialists help over 80 B2B companies thrive in the digital sphere. Our recipe for success? A mixture of our LeadLogic Growth Model combined with the Leadinfo software which enables our clients to grow faster than their competition.

“Leadinfo’s proactivity and close collaboration from day one is what led us to pick them over a similar supplier.”

Teamwork makes the dream work

There is beauty and power to a strong partnership. And that is what we have with Leadinfo. We believe close cooperation is essential, especially when using and sharing a tool with our clients. From day one, their team have been working closely with us to ensure this partnership is a success. Whatever they promise, they also deliver. Ultimately, Leadinfo’s proactivity, their continuous push to keep innovating, and the consistency in its operations and communications was a leading factor in our decision to partner with them.

Using all of Leadinfo’s features to ensure our clients win

Our clients mainly use Leadinfo for its primary purpose: to identify more leads. Because Google Analytics only goes so far. It presents important figures but Leadinfo provides data and information in a tangible and concrete way that empowers our clients to act. And it’s easy to use! No-fuss or six-week training period needed to be able to access and use the data.

Going beyond simply tracking who visits our client’s websites, our specialists are trained to use the full repertoire of Leadinfo features. Meaning we can provide personal recommendations. From implementing a lead gen form to exporting the data to elevate social selling efforts, we are able to cater to all of our client’s needs.

“Leadinfo’s features are tangible and diverse, helping us ensure that our customers win.”

Enabling our clients to take the lead

Our close collaboration with Leadinfo has flourished into a strong partnership. The entire organisation works with us to ensure that our clients thrive. We are proud to have Leadinfo as one of the tools our clients can harness to succeed in the digital landscape. For example, it allowed one of our clients to adapt their Christmas gift selection and orientate themselves according to the type of customer visiting their website. Meaning that they were able to personalise their content and supercharge their sales outreach efforts.

In addition, they used a personalised popup which generated 30% more conversations than a generic one. How’s that for winning!

“We are proud to have Leadinfo as one of the tools our clients can harness to succeed in the digital landscape.”