Optimising buyer personas and marketing strategies

Kendskab aims to empower its clients via digital marketing strategies. We talked with Jonatan Isachsen, B2B Marketing Automation Specialist at Kendskab, about how Kendskab uses Leadinfo to provide website analytics. And how they use our data to adapt sales and marketing strategies for their clients.

Kendskab team proudly partnering with Leadinfo

Helping ambitious companies grow via their digital marketing

In 2016, the Danish digital marketing agency Kendskab was founded to help B2C and B2B companies create synergy between their digital channels.

Using SEO, advertising, content marketing, e-mail marketing, and Leadinfo to provide detailed website traffic analytics, Kendskab supports ambitious brands in their growth. The results? Their clients can reach and convert more leads.

Knowing more about your target audience is power

Website traffic data reveals a lot about your target audience. You can visualise the type of company attracted to your website, what content and pages are the most relevant, and which calls to action are converting the most leads.

This information enables you to influence the buying process. And addressing the right person with the right message at the right time pays off. A clear buyer persona also allows you to be more proactive and respond to changes in the market more quickly.

That’s why Kendskab chose to partner with Leadinfo. To provide this information to their clients. They found our software to be the most effective for collecting visitor data and very intuitive to install and use. Making it a hassle-free process to instal Leadinfo for their customers.

“There is a ‘wow factor about being able to pull out names and company data from a client’s website traffic. And Leadinfo has the advantage of being an intuitive software that is extremely effective in collecting visitor data compared to alternative solutions.”

Jonatan Isachsen, B2B Marketing Automation Specialist at Kendskab

Using Leadinfo data to modify sales tactics and marketing strategies

Depending on a client’s goals, Kendskab will encourage both marketing and sales teams to use Leadinfo.

The agency starts by connecting Leadinfo to their client’s CRM system to segment relevant leads and boost their clients’ data. For sales-focused clients, Kendskab implements Leadinfo so these companies can optimise their cold-calling efforts. Our data enables them to contact the correct decision-maker and nurture website visitors.

In other cases, Kendskab works with their customer’s marketing teams to review their buyer’s persona and marketing strategies. Using data such as pages viewed, source, time spent on page and browsing behaviour, Kendskab analyses a customer’s website traffic and answer the following questions:

  • Who visits the client’s website?
  • What’s their source, and why do they visit?
  • Are we investing in getting the right traffic?
  • Are our landing pages sufficient?
  • Are we answering search visitors’ queries better than the client’s competitors?

For example, for client X, Kendskab used screen recordings to map the customer journey. By doing so, the agency noticed that the attention span of visitors dropped as they scrolled down on high-value landing pages. So Kendskab optimised client X’s landing pages to ensure that the core message and product video were the first elements clients interacted with. The results? A boost to the average time spent on page.

Kendskab also analysed our source data to debunk the notion that client X should spend less on Facebook and more on LinkedIn. Because, in fact, many relevant leads were coming in from Facebook. Meaning it is still a relevant channel for client X.

“For some B2B clients, we sometimes have to redefine their marketing strategy as we learn and see new exciting opportunities thanks to Leadinfo’s data.”

Jonatan Isachsen, B2B Marketing Automation Specialist at Kendskab

Boosting Kendskab’s digital marketing offering

Ultimately, Leadinfo helps marketing agencies and teams do their jobs. In an effort to help clients achieve their business goals, Leadinfo clarifies who a company’s target audience is and who they are attracting to their website. Providing opportunities for marketing optimisations.

And that’s why Kendskab partners with us. We provide high-level insights into their client’s website visitors by highlighting customer patterns and behaviour.

This information enables the agency to define stronger marketing strategies for its clients. Leading to higher brand awareness, more inbound leads and more closed sales.

“Leadinfo is a must-have tool for marketing agencies that conduct market research or offer marketing strategy services.”

Jonatan Isachsen, B2B Marketing Automation Specialist at Kendskab