Elevating our client’s website and digital touchpoints

Eric Bakker, Online Marketing Director at IQ Leads, shares how their company use Leadinfo to elevate their client’s online presence and reach preset KPIs.

IQ Leads is a proud Leadinfo partner

Providing steady growth year after year

IQ Leads is a full-service online marketing agency aimed at taking online brands to the next level. How do we do this? By immersing ourselves in our client’s inbound strategy and goals and helping them craft, optimise and implement new strategies. On an operational level, we’ll take care of your marketing efforts, enabling you to focus on what’s important: your core business proposition. To do this, we’ll analyse your website and all of your touchpoints to ensure consistent messaging and optimum reach. We use Leadinfo to support our efforts.

“Leadinfo empowers our clients to take control of their digital presence.”

Eric Bakker, Online Marketing Director at IQ Leads

Providing our clients with concrete data about a lead’s browsing behaviour

Your website traffic and the number of leads in your sales funnel are strong indicators and predictors of success. If you don’t know who visited your website, the pages they browsed and how they found your company, you’re missing out on a lot of valuable information. Leadinfo provides all of this information and more, such as:

  • Empowering our clients to take control of their digital web presence.
  • Helping them further understand site metrics.
  • Better understand what’s happening on their website, from top pages to browsing behaviour.

Strengthening our client’s lead gen strategy

Our clients mainly use Leadinfo to generate more business leads. From capturing leads via targeted remarketing campaigns across LinkedIn and Google Ads, to qualifying them by seeing who’s hot and who’s not, thanks to the lead score feature, our customers can now fill their sales funnel with quality leads.

Furthermore, it’s great to see a continuous stream of improvements and new features being rolled out by Leadinfo. For example, we now have access to heatmaps of navigation behaviour and video recording of browsing patterns of each individual visitor. Meaning, that when initiating contact with a lead, we are armed with more information as to what they were looking for.

“The additional data which Leadinfo provides enables us and our clients to do two things: capture leads and qualify them.”

Eric Bakker, Online Marketing Director at IQ Leads

Elevating our agency’s service proposition

Thanks to Leadinfo, our clients can visualise who’s visiting their website and better understand how their website and external campaigns are performing. Enabling us to deliver even more results to our customers and further elevate their inbound strategy.