Using Leadinfo to elevate our services

Johan Deketelaere, Founder & CEO of Hannibal explains why he choose Leadinfo as the company’s lead gen tool of choice and how the brand uses it to further its service offering.


Combining strategy, psychology and Leadinfo for the best results

Composed of 20 creative warriors, at Hannibal advertising agency, we aim to empower our clients by transforming them into warriors. How do we do this? By combining strategy, psychology and determination to get you the results you need. To be able to deliver next-level results to our customers, we partner with Leadinfo. This partnership ensures that our online marketing efforts yield more returns for our customers.

“We picked Leadinfo as one of our go-to tools because of the depth of information it provides in addition to its universal offering of a 14-day free trial.”

Johan Deketelaere, Founder & CEO of Hannibal

Choosing the tool which gives us the most information

We selected Leadinfo as one of our go-to tools because of the depth of information it provides. It not only shows basic contact information for each company that visits a client’s website, but it also presents their financial information, the board of directors and company hierarchy.

In addition, we love the fact that they offer a free trial for everyone. This means that we can propose it to our clients and ensure Leadinfo is the right solution for them. If it isn’t, that’s okay! They don’t even have to input credit card information to sign up for the first 14 days.

Lastly, we also appreciate being able to label and automate the sorting process for leads from different countries via customised triggers.

Integrating Leadinfo into our client’s online marketing flow

We integrate Leadinfo into most of our client’s online marketing flow. We demonstrate to both sales and marketing teams how to best use the software and how to combine it with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find the correct decision-makers per organisation. If needed, we showcase how to connect Leadinfo to Google Ads so that our customers can better evaluate their current strategies and implement change more quickly. However, the training goes quick as the software is quite intuitive. So our clients can jump right in and start using it to generate more leads in an instant.

“Our clients are left feeling happy and empowered by the additional insights.”

Johan Deketelaere, Founder & CEO of Hannibal

Empowering our clients via Leadinfo

The Leadinfo software is now an integral part of both our own and our customers’ online marketing flow. In fact, many of our clients have remarked to us how impressed they are with the insights they receive from Leadinfo. Our clients are happy and feeling empowered, ready to undergo their transformation to become warriors.