Elevate our clients’ sales strategy

Named the best agency in the Netherlands by the DSA awards, Fingerspitz helps their clients grow via online marketing. To add additional value to their service proposition, the company partners with Leadinfo.


Using Leadinfo to offer more value to our customers

What started as an idea by two men ten years ago has evolved into a full-blown all-around marketing agency with more than 50 specialists who are ready to tackle any challenge by combining their forces to achieve the best results for you. For companies in the B2B sector, we wanted to offer them more value. So we partner with Leadinfo to achieve this and kickstart Account Based Marketing initiatives for our clients.

“We picked Leadinfo as our go-to lead gen software because our clients could see in real-time who was on their website and for how long.”

Offering real-time personalised content to each visitor

Being able to identify and recognise companies that visit your website is interesting for most of those operating in the B2B sphere. So we picked Leadinfo as our go-to lead gen software not only because our clients can see in real-time who was on their website and for how long; but also because of its large integration options which enabled us, using the Leadinfo data, to create personalised welcome pop-ups using a third-party extension for each individual company visiting a client’s website.

Integrating lead gen software into our clients’ sales strategy

Together with our clients, we implement Leadinfo, set goals to determine what they’d like to achieve using the software, and determine the appropriate follow-up actions. Once we have gathered some data and insights, we re-evaluate our set goals and follow-up actions and further link the information to both sales and marketing actions. Therefore, we don’t just use the software to identify leads, we integrate it into whatever marketing or sales strategy our clients are working on to fill their sales pipeline with high-quality leads.

“We believe the Leadinfo software offers value to all of our B2B customers”

Providing our clients with more value

We believe Leadinfo offers value to all of our B2B customers. Whether it’s simply providing them with more actionable insights to kickstarting Account Based Marketing initiatives, we are proud to be able to offer such a solution to our customers and integrate Leadinfo into most strategies to further our clients’ results.