A client turned partner

As a full-service internet marketing agency, B&S Media Internetmarketing was looking to have more leads in their sales pipeline and include more lead gen forms across their website. Michel Hamer, Team Leader at B&S Media, shares what made the company want to become a Leadinfo partner instead of a client (hint, our additional features have something to do with it).

B&S is a proud Leadinfo partner

Mapping out customer interest in our services

B&S Media is a down-to-earth full-service internet marketing agency made up of 25 young, passionate and ambitious specialists. We aim to create online success for our clients every day. Whether you need a new website or simply require help boosting your digital presence via SEO, social media or Google Ads campaigns, we’ll help you perform better. How? By immersing ourselves in your brand and crafting a solution that faithfully represents everything you stand for.

We wanted to know more about our website visitors. Why? So we could stop random cold calls and reach out to companies who, we knew, were interested in our services. We also wanted to implement more lead gen forms across our website. We implemented Leadinfo, and the software added so much value to our B2B sales process that we needed to offer it to our client.

“The Leadinfo software provided our sales team with so much value that we needed to offer it to our clients.”

Michel Hamer, Team Leader at B&S Media

Many additional features that match our needs perfectly

We choose Leadinfo because the data was in real-time, and they also offer the option to create personalised lead gen forms. The fact that Leadinfo has many unique additional features felt like a win as well. Like the real-time dashboard. It’s clean, clear and simply beautiful to look at and use. Meaning we can quickly see all important information at a glance.

Easy integration and collaboration features

We’ve linked Leadinfo with our Teamleader CRM system, enabling new data to continuously be imported and stored automatically into our database. Saving us valuable time and energy. The software has also facilitated our client managers to work more closely with their clients thanks to the various collaboration feature such as tags and comments.

“The software has facilitated closer cooperation between our client managers and their clients.”

Michel Hamer, Team Leader at B&S Media

Providing our clients with more actionable data

Leadinfo has helped us further fill our sales pipeline and boosted our sales revenue. It has reinforced our relationship with our customers and we are excited to be able to offer additional value and insights to our clients and keep elevating their online presence.

“Leadinfo has helped us further fill our sales pipeline and boosted our sales.”

Michel Hamer, Team Leader at B&S Media