Using Leadinfo to enrich our data

BoostU wants to take your online performance to the next level. How do they do this? By partnering with us and combining their expertise with our data to deliver maximum results.

BoostU, a proud partner of Leadinfo

Elevating our client’s online performance

We are a team of creatives on a mission to take your online performance to the next level. BoostU goes beyond traditional advertising offerings and work in a data-driven manner to transform market insights into actionable learning which your brand can harness. To enrich our data and make our results more tangible for our clients, we partner with Leadinfo. Because it provides our clients with specific company names, we find it much more practical than Google Analytics.

“Leadinfo is a powerful tool which gives more tangible insights than Google Analytics.”

Championing the needs of the end-user

Many of our clients are part of, or focus on, the B2B sector. So it felt natural to partner with Leadinfo given that it is a powerful tool with a large dataset which can recognise companies from around the world. In addition, the amount of information included in the overview is ideal. From the company’s revenue to individual email addresses listed, you can tell the visual overview was created with the end-user in mind.

One software with many applications

Another aspect we like about Leadinfo is that we can use it to refine and optimise campaigns. For example, if many leads click on an advert, then we craft a strategy as to how we can further warm them up. However, if we are not reaching our desired target audience, we can adjust the campaign by optimising our targeting based on our client’s website visitors.

However, we don’t limit ourselves, our in-house specialists utilise Leadinfo’s entire repertoire of features. We started by easily integrating Leadinfo into our Hubspot CRM and now we routinely use the labels feature to sort visitors into different categories, observe a user’s screen behaviour and use that information to start more personalised conversations, and use the lead scoring feature to support our communication strategy.

“Leadinfo enables us to clearly see if we are reaching the right companies via our campaigns and adjust as needed.”

Helping our clients grow using Leadinfo

Being able to use one software for multiple purposes makes our lives easier while enabling us to take our client’s results to the next level. Many of our clients are still in the kick-off phase of using Leadinfo, but we’re eager to help them further grow and embrace this diverse tool.

“We combine our expertise with the Leadinfo data for the best results.”