Shortening the sales cycle using Leadinfo

As creators of software aimed at a large population of companies, Simplicate needs to be sure they are going after the right leads. Leadinfo has provided them with a clear overview and ensured that their SDR team is chasing the hottest leads. Enabling the brand to shorten its sales cycle and increase the average order size.


Success through the power of simplicity

Simple is often better. This belief is what drives Simplicate. The company believes that real improvement comes from simplifying complex matters. And that is why their ambition was to build software that is brilliant in its simplicity. The result? A powerful all-in-one CRM and project management tool that can be used by different types of agencies. However, because their target audience is so large, they decided to take an Account-Based Marketing approach, and they needed a tool that could help them focus on the most important data that steamed from our website. Leadinfo helps them accomplish that and more.

“Our sales team can take an account-based approach to using the information provided to generate new business and personalise our offerings for our existing customers.”

Simplicate knew it was a match with Leadinfo given the simplicity and clearness of the user interface. Their tool is designed to make complex processes simple, so it felt right for the team that their lead gen software of choice reflected a similar value in its layout and design.

Elevating their existing workflow

The integration process was smooth. Simplicate was able to easily connect Leadinfo to their CRM system and supercharge their workflow. Meaning their existing customer data could be enriched by Leadinfo’s database. The team could then import contacts, divide the workload using the tagging feature, and their SDR team can quickly follow up on the hottest leads.

Using Leadinfo to supercharge their Account-Based Marketing

Ultimately, Simplicate was searching for a way to shorten its sales cycle. With Leadinfo’s impressive dataset, they are now able to recognise more leads and increase their average deal size. They have also enriched their existing client data by improving and incorporating Leadinfo’s Lead Score feature. With this new information, the team has been able to further refine their messaging for each client we approach. By having more information and being more proactive with this data, they’ve been able to turn leads into customers in a matter of days while also increasing the average order value.

“Using Leadinfo, we’ve transformed a few of our website visitors into leads in a handful of days and increased the average deal size.”