Unique insights that multiple teams benefit from

Who doesn’t want to know more about their website visitors? Discover why Koen Scheepens, Online Marketeer at Rioned, implemented Leadinfo and how the sales, marketing and even HR teams benefit from the data provided.

Rioned worker hard at work for their customers

Providing quality products to companies around the world

Since Rioned’s formation in 1956, the company has been at the forefront of innovation for cleaning machines for small and medium-sized drains and sewers. As a result, every machine that leaves our factory in the Netherlands is rigorously tested. Thanks to this quality assurance, thousands of companies now use our products day in and day out. And Leadinfo helps us reach more potential customers around the world.

Accessing data that can’t be found anywhere else

We heard about Leadinfo when searching for an alternative to one of their competitors. And their Customer Success Representative’s knowledge and personal touch are what convinced us to sign up for the company’s free trial. Because who doesn’t want to know more about their website visitors. And Leadinfo provides you with data about your leads that you can’t find anywhere else.

So we signed up for the two-week free trial to test the software and see what it could do for our company. We liked the insights and functionalities so much that it was a no-brainer for us to continue working with Leadinfo once our two-week trial was over.

“Because who doesn’t want to know more about their website visitors. And Leadinfo provides you with data about your leads that you can’t find anywhere else.”

Koen Scheepens, Online Marketeer at Rioned

Insights multiple departments can apply to their workflow

Although advertised as a sales tool, multiple departments use Leadinfo. Our Sales Team uses the tool to acquire new leads and gauge a company’s interest. Our Marketing team utilise Leadinfo to fine-tune our buyer persona and improve the website experience. And HR also works with Leadinfo! They observe how candidates found our website and use that information to fine-tune their targeting efforts.

“Our Sales, Marketing and even HR teams use Leadinfo to gain more insights into our website visitors.”

Koen Scheepens, Online Marketeer at Rioned

Using triggers to automate the flow of information and notifications

All of our representatives know how to use Leadinfo. And they use the triggers and notification features of Leadinfo the most. So when a company visits our website, their location and behaviour are labelled. For example, we add labels to leads who visit our product page, our contact page or look at a specific product for more than 30 seconds. Then, based on the region of a lead, the correct Sales Representative is notified. Armed with the information about this company’s browsing patterns, our team decides how to best proceed and approach a lead.

“Based on a company’s location and browsing patterns, our Sales Reps decide how to approach and further nurture these users.”

Koen Scheepens, Online Marketeer at Rioned

More information leads to better customer understanding

By implementing and using Leadinfo on a daily basis, our Sales and Marketing teams have more insights into our customers, their interests and communication preferences. Because we can see the action a lead takes after we contact them. For example, do they sign up for our newsletter or check out a specific product page? By knowing this information, our teams can make better decisions.