Becoming proactive sellers rather than reactive

We wanted to become more dynamic and proactive in our sales process. So we chose Leadinfo as our lead gen partner to ensure we never missed another big opportunity.


Using Leadinfo to support our growth goals

Renson has been revolutionising living spaces for over a century. Our team of 1,200 people harnesses the power of ventilation, solar control and outdoor solutions to create a comfortable and safe environment in which to live and work. Given the nature of our work, many website visitors will browse various pages without taking any action. To support our ambitious growth and become more proactive in our sales process, we felt that it was important to know more about our website visitors. So we chose Leadinfo to support us in our endeavours.

“We chose Leadinfo to ensure we never miss another big opportunity.”

A massive dataset at our disposal

What immediately stood out to us was the sheer amount and quality of data which Leadinfo provided to us. From the company structure and the number of employees to the contact details of leadership, we were immediately enthusiastic by the company’s extended and detailed dataset.

Increasing the number of callbacks and coffee dates

Apart from using Leadinfo as a sales tool, our team in Belgium is also enriching our CRM system by exporting the data we have gathered so far on new but also existing clients. Enabling us to build up a better overview of our customer base and potential cross-sell opportunities. And it’s paying off. Our Sales team is generating significant more callbacks and coffee dates.

“We were immediately enthusiastic by the company’s extended and detailed dataset.”