The best lead gen software for small businesses

Dan Kostin, Marketing Director at Quis Machinery, describes how Leadinfo helps them know who is browsing but also the source of their visit. So that the company can optimise multiple channels at once.

The quis machinery team discussing the leadinfo software

Finding a solution that fits our company’s needs

This is Quis Machinery. We are a small business based in the US that helps manufacturers identify and implement tailored machinery solutions to help improve their people, products, and processes.

Our website acts as our portfolio and showcases the machinery and manufacturers we work with. So we wanted to know who was visiting our website, these people’s browsing behaviour and referral source. All for a reasonable price. And Leadinfo gives us all that.

“We were looking for the best way to track the identity, behaviour, and referral source for our website visitors for a reasonable cost.”

Dan Kostin, Marketing Director at Quis Machinery

Choosing a more affordable software that offers higher quality data

Before signing up for Leadinfo, we were using one of their competitors, Lead Forensics. For the same reason, we wanted to know more about our website visitors. But we were not content with the service we were getting, the software was expensive and it wasn’t generating information that we could use. So we implemented Leadinfo alongside Lead Forensics to compare both softwares.

We saw that Leadinfo identified more leads and their data was more accurate. Between that and a better price point, the decision to switch was easy.

“Leadinfo identifies more leads than Lead Forensics and their data was more accurate. Between that and a better price point, the decision to switch was easy.”

Dan Kostin, Marketing Director at Quis Machinery

Optimising all of our marketing channels

We mainly use Leadinfo’s dashboard to monitor who visits our website and how they came to find us. Because, as a small company, knowing where our customers are, and their browsing habits is key to successful growth.

Using Leadinfo, we are able to see which new leads came from organic search results. But also, we can track the success of other marketing channels like social media, company newsletters and paid advertisements. When interesting information comes up, we quickly share it with the team via the Slack integration. As a fully remote company, the Slack integration makes our life a lot easier as it reduces the steps needed to share relevant information.


Leadinfo bridges the gap between our marketing and sales teams as the data is very actionable. And since implementing it, we’ve seen the following results:

  • After our sales team makes a call or visit, we can track how a prospect engages with our website.
  • The referral source has been very helpful in providing additional information about how our other marketing strategies are performing.
  • Using Leadinfo in tandem with Google Ads has helped us identify prospects that have been driven to our website but have not necessarily contacted us directly yet. This enables us to have a little more context before making a cold call.

"Between reasonable rates and being able to make smart business decisions based on actionable data, we’re very happy with Leadinfo!"

Dan Kostin, Marketing Director at Quis Machinery