Boosting the quality of our leads

Onurcan Acar, Digital Marketing Manager at Multinet Up, shares how the company has embedded Leadinfo into their sales processes and how understanding the behaviour of their website visitors has led them to exceed their sales targets.

Helping a Turkish giant learn more about the behaviour of their website visitors

Established in 1999, Multinet Up started as a meal card company for companies to manage employee-related expenses. In the last 23 years, we’ve transformed into a leading Financial Technology company and serve two-hundred-thousand brands and 1.4 million card users. We help companies worldwide manage employee-related expenses such as meal costs, fuel costs, travel expenses and accommodation. And we use Leadinfo to know more about our website visitors and elevate our sales processes via practical data.

Seeking data and automation options to elevate our sales process

Our website attracts a lot of traffic. Our goal was to better understand the customer journey of our website visitors. From cold leads to hot prospects, we aimed to provide our Sales Representatives with more information about who was visiting our website, these companies’ interests and automation options to speed up their workflow.

After extensive research, we chose Leadinfo as our lead gen tool because it met all of our above-outlined needs, and we recognised that it’s a leading software solution. The tool helps us identify new potential customers instantly.

“Leadinfo is a leading tool in its sector and makes it possible to track potential sales in a targeted manner. As a result, we can identify new potential customers today, right now.”

Onurcan Acar, Digital Marketing Manager at Multinet Up

Tracking our website visitors from cold lead to hot prospect

We use Leadinfo to follow the activity of our website visitors. How? We use the real-time inbox to learn more about the type of companies visiting our website, their behaviour via screen recordings and by knowing the most popular pages and time spent on each page, and to spot new versus returning users.

Then, using Leadinfo’s integration features, we send that information to our CRM and share it with our Sales Representatives, who follow up with the right leads. They use a company’s browsing behaviour and pages visited to prioritise which lead to contact first via Leadinfo’s automated tagging feature. Transforming prospects into paying customers.

“We use Leadinfo to track a company’s behaviour. We send relevant information to our Sales Representatives, who prioritise leads via automated tags based on pages visited. Thurs transforming prospects into paying customers.”

Onurcan Acar, Digital Marketing Manager at Multinet Up

Increasing our lead quality by 10%

Using Leadinfo, we’ve exceeded our preset minimum sales goals because we can see who’s visiting our website in real-time and quickly take action based on their behaviour and interests. In addition, data is presented in a way that is understandable and easy to work with, making it easy to integrate into our workflows.

And we also use Leadinfo’s automation features such as field mapping and tagging to automate our business processes. Resulting in the quality of our leads increasing by more than 10%. In addition to our productivity and efficiency improving as well.