Becoming the biggest player in the Benelux

Roy Brouwer, Marketing Manager at Metech, describes how Leadinfo fits into Metech’s sales and marketing flow. Allowing the company to grow and increase its profit.

Metech scrubbers and sweepers proudly displayed

Implementing Leadinfo to help us reach our niche target audience

Metech Sweepers & Scrubbers is a leading industrial cleaning machine supplier in the Benelux region. Metech takes on the challenge of ensuring every industrial floor gets squeaky clean. Because we know how to make dirty floors shine again. Given the focus of our business, our products and clients are quite niche. Therefore, to ensure our business keeps growing, we implemented Leadinfo to ensure we never miss another sale.

Choosing the best performing tool on the market

Companies don’t buy a new sweeper or scrubber every day. And when they decide they need to, it can be difficult to know what to look for and what you need. So we wanted to be able to get in touch with our website visitors to provide them with expert advice. We’d tried several software solutions, such as “Salesfeed” and “Online Succes”, but no solution provided us with company names and company information as Leadinfo does.

“We've used several products such as ‘Online Succes’ and ‘Salesfeed’, but no tool provided as many companies and as much information as Leadinfo.”

Roy Brouwer, Marketing Manager at Metech

Enriching our CRM and marketing flow with Leadinfo company information

At the start of every day, we check which companies have visited our website the day before. Based on a lead’s activity, such as the pages they visited, our sales team will call or email this company to learn more about their current situation and offer them advice. Thanks to Leadinfo, we contact about ten new leads a day.

“Using Leadinfo, we’re able to contact on average 10 new leads every day. That’s 200 new leads per month!"

Roy Brouwer, Marketing Manager at Metech

And using the Teamleader integration, a lead’s contact information can automatically be imported to our CRM system, where we’ve automated a marketing flow. Making it easier to keep in contact and follow up in a timely manner.

More leads, more customers and more revenue

By using Leadinfo, we’ve become one of the biggest players in the Benelux region. We have access to more leads, and more leads are being transformed into paying customers. Enabling us to grow our bottom line and the number of people on our team. Thank you, Leadinfo!

“Leadinfo helped Metech become one of the biggest players in the Benelux. The tool enabled us to get a lot of extra sales.”

Roy Brouwer, Marketing Manager at Metech