Harnessing Leadinfo to never miss an opportunity

Hygienepapier is a leading B2B paper distributor in the Benelux region. To keep growing via more quality leads, they use Leadinfo to never miss another sale.


Discovering more about their website visitors

This is Hygienepapier, a leading distributor of toilet paper and paper towels in the B2B service industry. They are a top provider in the Benelux region and currently also growing their base in the German market. They implemented Leadinfo more than four years ago to discover more about their website visitors and transform more visitors into leads. This also helps them empower their sales team and help representatives expand their reach into new markets.

“We use Leadinfo to empower our sales team to become winners and facilitate international growth”

It’s more than just a sales tool

The brand use Leadinfo for two reasons: to be able to reach out to more leads and also map out the current market. A lot of their competitors also visit their website on a frequent basis. So Hygienepapier use Leadinfo’s clear overview of each individual website visitor and frequency of visit to paint a clear image of the current landscape and benchmark themselves.

Never missing a big fish again

Leadinfo has helped Hygienepapier grow exponentially. Thanks to our large dataset, the company has been able to recognise many more users and reach out to repeat visitors for upselling opportunities. They’ve also been using Leadinfo to help them expand into the German market. It’s allowed them to acquire some large clients. Meaning they company is able to grow quicker and never miss a hot lead again.

“We also use Leadinfo to map out our online competition and benchmark ourselves”