Boosting the impact of their website

Channable empowers you to take matters into your own hands and optimise your feeds and generated automated PPC campaigns. To level up their website and empower their Sales team, the VP of Sales choose to implement Leadinfo.

Channable logo on Leadinfo site

Kicking our Achilles heel

Channable is the ultimate feed management & PPC tool, allowing you to generate ads for Microsoft Advertising and Google Ads in the blink of an eye. But our website was a blind spot. Unless users left contact information, we had no way of knowing which agencies were interested in our services. So we needed a lead generation software that increases the impact of our website on the bottom line. And Leadinfo does just that.

"We needed a lead generation software that increases the impact of our website on the bottom line. And Leadinfo does just that."

Richard Schenzel - VP of Sales

Quality data that is accessible in seconds

We wanted to know more concrete information about our website visitors, such as their industry of operation, source and which content draws in the most users. However, as an international brand with over 150 specialists working for us, the solution needed to be thorough and provide high-quality data and could be deployed and used in less than five minutes. That’s why we picked Leadinfo.

“The ease of use and high-quality data has made Leadinfo a popular tool within our Sales team. Internal adoption of the software has been really high because of this unique combination.”

Richard Schenzel - VP of Sales

The additional information about our website visitors allows us to refine our content strategy and keep growing to become one of the strongest solutions on the market for marketers.

Channable sales team working with Leadinfo

Multiple features at our disposal

The real-time inbox is our favourite feature. It’s used on a daily basis by multiple members of our Sales team. Next to that, we’ve also set up triggers for all of our different regions. This lets our local teams know immediately when interesting leads visit our site. Making our Sales department more proactive. We’ve also implemented lead gen forms as an extra conversion opportunity for our visitors. Because why pass up on another conversion moment.

A lead gen software that boosts our growth goals

We’re eager to keep growing and help more brands. Leadinfo’s software supports our growth goals. Internal adoption of the tool is very high, and its high-quality database of information that keeps evolving has made the tool a must-have for our Sales Team.

“Leadinfo is a must-have for our sales team.”

Richard Schenzel - VP of Sales