Using a lead gen tool to stay ahead of the competition

Bluespresso delivers the Italian coffee bar experience to numerous B2B clients in the Benelux region. Lars Koerts, an Online marketeer at Bluespresso, explains how they use Leadinfo’s features to learn more about their cold B2B leads and stay ahead of the competition.

a top notch coffee machine making a pipping hot coffee

A top coffee distributor in the Benelux region

Many people start their day with a cup of coffee. Lavazza Nederland (also known as Bluespresso) is the proud official distributor of Lavazza coffee in the Netherlands and Belgium. Whether for restaurants, hotels or the office, we deliver the Italian coffee bar experience to people across the Netherlands and Belgium.

However, we’re not the only company aiming to provide people and companies with quality coffee. Therefore, to stay ahead of the competition and generate more leads and sales for our Hospitality and Business team, Bluespresso implemented Leadinfo.

Providing more leads to our B2B Business team

We wanted to help our Hospitality and Business team acquire more B2B leads. And Google Analytics isn’t specific enough when it comes to B2B data. A lead generation tool not only identifies our B2B website visitors it also enables us to better understand the behaviour and preferences of our customers better.

While looking for a B2B lead generation solution, we needed a tool that was easy to implement. Our Sales Division also needed a tool that was user-friendly and rich in data. A tool that was difficult to use would result in a lower rate of adoption. That’s why we chose Leadinfo. Because it’s user-friendly, and if the Sales Division faces challenges, Leadinfo offers great customer support.

“Leadinfo is easy to use, meaning our entire B2B Sales division can use it. It also enriches our visitor and customer data, information that is usually unknown.”

Lars Koerts, Online marketeer at Bluespresso

Capturing more information about cold leads

We use Leadinfo to further our top-of-the-funnel sales activities. It helps capture the information of cold and warm leads. Information which is fed to our Sales division. For example, we use Lead Gen Forms as an obvious way to encourage our website visitors to get in touch with us.

Then, we use triggers to define what we would deem to be “warm leads”, label leads as such and share their information with the right person within our Sales Division.

“We use Leadinfo to further our top-of-the-funnel sales activities because it helps us capture information about new website visitors and cold leads.”

Lars Koerts, Online marketeer at Bluespresso

Arming our B2B Sales division with more information

Using Leadinfo, our B2B Sales division feels empowered because they have more information at their fingertips. By knowing more about our cold leads, we can tweak and optimise our sales and marketing efforts. Allowing us to stay one step ahead of the competition.