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What’s new at Leadinfo: We now integrate with Google Data Studio

Comprehensive dashboards with colourful diagrams, numbers at your fingertips and clear growth via green or red numbers. Every data-driven marketer’s dream. Good news! As of today, you can connect Leadinfo to Google Data Studio and visualise your B2B website visitor data.

Google Data Studio is a tool that allows you to create reports with data from different sources. It’s free to use, user friendly and helps you present data in a readable and shareable manner.

Convert data into informative reports

Using Google Data Studio, you can transform your data into visuals. Making your company’s growth clear and data accessible to all, versus only those with a technical background. A handy aspect when communicating with customers or stakeholders.

Marketing and sales teams can use it to benchmark and observe their most important KPIs. Is growth happening? Or are specific numbers going down? They can see results at a glance, providing these teams with a clear overview and focus.

So it’s no surprise that this integration was highly requested amongst our customers and partners. Well, our developers heard you loud and clear! As of today, Leadinfo integrates with Google Data Studio so you can convert our data into visual reports.

A Leadinfo Google Data Studio template

To make things easier, we’ve developed a Leadinfo template you can use in Google Data Studio. Simply connect the integration and then this template will be filled with your data. It’s that easy! Create a visual overview of your B2B website visitors in five minutes.

By connecting your Leadinfo data to Google Data Studio, you can answer the following questions:

  • How many companies have visited your website?
  • How long did they browse for and which pages did they visit?
  • From which sectors and/or countries do your website visitors come?
  • What is the source of your website visitors?
  • What are the most used search terms browsers use to find your company?
  • Which companies are your most active visitors (and thus the hottest leads)?

You can adjust and edit the Leadinfo Google Data Studio template to best fit your needs. For example, you can change the categories, adjust the period that should be shown or connect other data sources to your report (such as Google Analytics).

Want to know how to integrate Leadinfo into Google Data Studio? Read our help article for more information.