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Meet our team: Millicent Pelamonia, Customer Success Manager

Behind every great sales team is someone who supports and assists. At Leadinfo, this person is Millicent. She joined Leadinfo in 2021 and ever since has been ensuring that our customers win, day in and day out, using our software. Check out her journey, how she ended up joining the Leadinfo team and what motivates her every day.

How did you land your role at Leadinfo?

COVID-19 isolated me in my previous role. So when looking for new opportunities, I knew I wanted to work in a team setting and in a way which allowed me to not only chat with people but also help them. So when I saw the job posting on LinkedIn, I was eager to apply as the responsibilities attracted me. And I’d be able to use some of my previous experience as a marketer as well.

What did you do before you joined Leadinfo?

I come from a marketing background. From my studies in International Business and Management to interning and working for two IT companies as a marketeer, I did everything from content to event planning. And I like it! I enjoy being a part of multiple projects and helping people. That’s how I ended up in this sector.

What do you do at Leadinfo?

In one sentence, I help our clients succeed. As a Customer Success Manager, I support and ensure our customers are making the most of our software. So I answer any questions our clients have, either via phone or chat. When needed, I provide one-on-one trainings for those who have a more complicated set-up or more technical issues. Likewise, I also host product demos and webinars during which I share tips and tricks to our clients about Leadinfo. I also create various resources to empower our users to be self-sufficient and not force them to reach out to someone every time something goes wrong. So I have a hand in a lot of client-orientated aspects, something which I enjoy.

What’s the best part of working here?

Apart from my day-to-day tasks, what attracted me was the working environment. There is a lot of freedom and trust, which means I can choose how I work and also determine which new projects or priorities I will tackle next. Goals and prio’s are often set together with the Founder, who will also give me any resources I need to achieve them, rather than simply assigned to me. Meaning I get to be part of the bigger picture, something which I also find motivating.

In addition, I’m surrounded by an ambitious, energetic and international team of people who all want to help Leadinfo rise to the top. But while we are a focused team, we also share a lot of good laughs as we work together.

If you weren’t working at Leadinfo, what do you think you’d be doing?

In another life, I’d still be working with people and helping them, but in a very different way. My husband and I would have a guest house with our own brewery and restaurant someplace warm and sunny like Curaçao or remote parts of Italy or Spain. He would take care of the cooking and be the handyman while I serve guests and do more admin and marketing types of activities. There’s something beautiful about the idea of building something from scratch.

What do you get up to outside of work?

I enjoy life! I travel around the Netherlands to visit museums (I’d recommend everyone visit the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam) as I love history. Art often has a hidden meaning, so a portrait of a queen, for example, usually has hidden messages and subtleties that are cool to study. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends, whether we’re eating out together or going for a walk somewhere, that time with others leads to the best memories.


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