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Leadinfo vs. Google Analytics: what’s the difference ?

Because Leadinfo gives you analytical information about your website visitors, many people believe that our tool is similar to Google Analytics. However, that’s not the case. Leadinfo gives you a list of companies that are visiting your website. These are warm leads which you can immediately nurture. Google Analytics allows you to see how many people visited your website, but you don’t know who these visitors are.

Let’s make this more concrete by delving into an example. Meet Leo, a fictional character who launched his own company two years ago. He provides educational games and team-building activities for companies. In two years, he’s quickly grown and even hired five people to help him. However, business has become stagnant, and fewer leads are coming in.

On his way home from work, he hears a radio ad about Leadinfo with the slogan “You missed a sale today and didn’t even know it. Start identifying your B2B website visitors and grow your sales funnel.” This gets Leo thinking, and the next day he does his own research to learn more about this solution.

What is Google Analytics? What is Leadinfo?

Leo already has experience using Google Analytics, a web analytics service that gives you insights into the performance of your website and the behaviour of users. From demographical information or the average time a user spends on specific pages.

However, Leadinfo gives you practical and actionable insights about the companies that visit your website. From the company name visiting your website to the pages each company has viewed, time spent on page and contact information decision-makers.

Both tools provide value and useful information. Google Analytics is free, and Leadinfo offers a free trial, so Leo figures that it can’t hurt to try out both solutions to find out their differences.

The difference between Google Analytics and Leadinfo

The biggest difference between both solutions is that Leadinfo identifies your website traffic based on a user’s IP address, versus Google Analytics simply provides you with an overview of your website traffic. So, by using Leadinfo, Leo immediately has a list of B2B companies that he can approach. Because these people know your company name, it’s easier to connect with them and offer your help.

Now, many companies may visit your website in a day. Leo can easily sort through them to see the hottest ones based on the following data:

  • Location and industry.
  • The number of employees.
  • Turnover of the company.
  • Time spent on website.
  • Number of pages visited.
  • Visits to a specific product or offering page.

After qualifying the hottest leads, Leo contacts these companies either via phone, email or LinkedIn to offer them additional resources. This strategy quickly pays off as that afternoon, Leo already receives a request for more information from one of the companies he reached out to.

At the end of his two-week trial, Leo lists the following important differences between Google Analytics and Leadinfo:

Google Analytics

  • Shows all website traffic but does not identify companies or irrelevant traffic.
  • Shows traffic of all website visitors including individuals.
  • Does not show business data of your website visitors.
  • Used only for comprehensive analysis of website traffic.


  • Identifies companies that visit your website in real-time.
  • Only shows business website traffic.
  • Shows company details of your business website visitors.
  • Used for lead tracking for marketing and sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading all of this, you most likely still have some questions. So here are answers from our Customer Success Manager to some of the most common and pressing questions you may have.

Why does Google Analytics show more visitors than Leadinfo?

Google Analytics shows every single individual website visitors from repeat users to customers. Leadinfo only shows companies that visit your website, not individuals. Therefore, Google Analytics will always show more visits than Leadinfo.

Can I use Google Analytics and Leadinfo at the same time?

Yes! The Google Analytics and Leadinfo scripts can run simultaneously on your website and don’t affect each other.

When should I use Google Analytics and when should I use Leadinfo?

Google Analytics and Leadinfo both have advantages and disadvantages. Because they are used for different purposes, you can use both tools at the same time and use them to achieve different goals.

  • Use Google Analytics to analyse website traffic. Based on this, you can work on your marketing strategy.
  • Use Leadinfo to identify and follow up with business website traffic for interesting leads.


Ultimately, you don’t need to choose between both solutions. The combination of both can provide you with the most return. Use Google Analytics to refine your marketing strategy and Leadinfo to identify leads and further empower your sales team.

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