This is our biggest software update ever!

Our winning new features!

Simply because it’s summer doesn’t mean we’ve stopped working. Over the last two months, we’ve restructured our entire back-end which has enabled us to release our biggest software update ever. Check out what’s new.

Your most requested feature released: Filter website visitors based on their source

In only a couple of clicks, the interesting leads in one overview? This is all possible with our new filter options in the inbox. Create filters and only see the leads that are interesting for you.

Based on your feedback, it is now possible to filter on source and on pages visited by a company. Discover in only a few clicks how your Google Ads campaign or Facebook campaign is performing.

In the inbox, you can filter on:

  • The page a company visited
  • The source of a visitor
  • The tag a company has been assigned
  • The period the company visited your website
  • The country where the company is located
Improved filter options in the export

With or new date picker in the Export, you can now easily filter on time period. Now it is possible to filter interesting leads who visited your website last week or last month and export them to Excel.

We did not only add the Date Picker, our developers have been working hard to improve the loading speed in the export.

Learn more about exporting data
More valuable data to spot leads

Our developers were inspired by the Tokyo Olympics and put an Olympian effort to further build out and improve our lead gen software.

So we’ve released a big portal update that has enriched more than 2.5 million company profiles with more information. ?

New CMS plug-in options are available!

We’re excited to announce even more ways to link your website to Leadinfo. So you can start recognising website visitors instantly.

Drupal en Joomla! are big Content Management Systems that are often used by our users. So if you’re using Drupal or Joomla! you no longer need to add the tracking code to the source code of your website. Simply install our plug-in!

Joomla! – You can install our tracking code on both Joomla V3 and V4.
Drupal – a top request from the Leadinfo community! You can install it via our Drupal plugin.
Discover more on how to install Leadinfo
Drupal and Joomla! plugin voor Lead generatie
Are we developing and releasing the features you need?

Leadinfo was built with you in mind. And we want to be sure it’s meeting your needs. So we’d like to get to know you better.

So if you’re interested, we’d love to have a quick chat with you. Because we want to be sure that we keep helping your sales and marketing team by developing features you want. ❤️

Schedule a meeting with Quirijn, our Head of Product & Growth at Leadinfo and let us know what other features you’d like to see us implement.

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