We've made your sales proces a lot easier!

Our triggers got a complete makeover

We’ve heard your feedback loud and clear. Our developers have been working hard to create the functionalities you need in order to increase your efficiency, productivity and drive your Lead Gen Strategy. That is why we gave our triggers a complete makeover. With the new trigger interface, we’ve made it a lot easier to navigate through your settings.

So what has changed?

? Clear interface

All your triggers are now displayed in an orderly fashion. You can easily see what triggers are enabled, what action is linked to the trigger and when the last changes were made.

? Trigger to CRM

Send interesting website visitors from Leadinfo straight to your CRM system. No need to use a third party tool to automatically share valuable Leadinfo data with your CRM.

? Add/remove tags

Now you can assign or remove multiple tags in just one trigger. In addition it is now possible to create new tags straight from your trigger set up. Easing setting up your triggers!

Send your website visitors directly to your CRM system

We’ve now made it possible to automatically send website visitors to your CRM system.
You can:

1. Create a new company within your CRM system,

2. Connect a website visitor to an existing company and

3. Either connect a company or create and connect a new company

Leadinfo identifies whether a company already exists in your CRM based on different data points. Such as domain, phone number, chamber of commerce number etc.

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Assign or delete multiple tags at once

We’ve not only made triggers easier to set up, but we’ve also upgraded that functionality. You can now assign and remove more than one tag per trigger. Tags are meant to help you find information faster. But you can also end up with many leads that have 5+ tags assigned to them, not all of which are relevant anymore.

Based on a user’s website behaviour, set up a trigger, remove unnecessary tags and add only the relevant information. So you can quickly see all the important labels, the one’s that are significant to you, at a glance. ?

Examples of live leads
Create a tag from your trigger set-up

Now you can create a tag while you are setting up your trigger. You no longer need to switch from setting up your trigger to the inbox.

Simply enter the tag name in the action configuration and click on “Add”.

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