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Lead Generation Software

Leadinfo is top-quality lead generation software that enables you to recognise B2B website visitors. The visitors are displayed on a clearly designed dashboard, so you’ll be able to contact your most valuable website visitors immediately. No more waiting for incoming emails or calls! Let our lead generation software work for your company.

How it works

Our lead generation software recognises your website visitors by linking their IP addresses to our unique database. Leadinfo then provides an overview of company information, email addresses, and Linkedin profiles. This provides you with the information you need to make contact, all in one clear dashboard view.

When you’re looking to sell your product/service it is vitally important to know more about the specific interests of your potential customers. That’s why our lead generation software shows which pages have been visited and at what time. Each website visitor is assigned a lead score, so you can filter out the uninteresting leads. This lead score is based on the total time that is spent on your website.

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Our software for your  sales team

We’ve created a very clear dashboard for our customers. Our software is easy for a number sales and other staff within your company to use. The design of our dashboard keeps everything clear, thanks to the option of adding labels and conversation history.

Our data is yours

The data within Leadinfo belongs to you, even after you stop using our software. You can export data on old leads at any time, including having simply requested a trial. Interested? Requesting our trial version is a piece of cake.


Shortening our sales cycle using Leadinfo

We needed to be sure we are going after the right leads. Leadinfo has provided us with a clear overview and ensured that our team is chasing the hottest leads. Enabling us to shorten our sales cycle and increase the average order size.

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