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Q3 in review - Improved screen recording, better lead gen forms and more

Summer has flown by. But our developers didn’t simply nap on the beach. Instead, they kept working hard and releasing unique software updates. All to ensure that you can close more sales.

So let’s delve into what’s been released during Q3 of this year.

Lead Gen Forms 2.0

Lead Gen forms encourage website visitors to get in touch with you. Leadinfo’s Lead Gen Forms got a massive upgrade. We enabled more personalisation options to help you increase your conversion rate, have more conversations and ultimately generate more sales for your business. It’s now possible to:

  • Customise the position of a lead gen form.
  • Display a form only on specific pages such as your homepage or pricing page.
  • Have a Lead Gen Form pop up for specific companies, such as hot leads only, to encourage repeat website visitors to contact you.
  • Have the lead gen form pop up only after a certain scroll percentage.
  • Display a Lead Gen form based on a browser language to help you generate more leads in specific markets.

Want to know how to enable the different features of our Lead Gen Forms? Read this help article.

Updated screen recording feature

Screen recording enables you to visualise how companies are browsing your website. Use this info to map a company’s journey on your website and spot conversion challenges. To provide you with even more information, we redesigned this important feature.

When watching a recording, the video player (now also optimised for mobile) opens in a new tab. The recording will automatically play; you can choose the playback speed or simply skip all idle moments. In addition, the new video player includes a clickable breakdown of a company’s activity. And when you want to share the recording with a colleague, you can easily send either the full video or a snippet, even if this person is not a Leadinfo user.

This might sound like a lot. So if you want to learn more about screen recordings and how to get started, check out this resource.

More integrations to help you win

We’ve released five new integration options. So you can keep using the tools you love enriched with our data. Our new integrations are:

  • Podio – A low-code tool that transforms your project data into one tool to align all content, conversations, and process into one collaboration point.
  • SuiteCRM – An open-source Customer Relationship Management software solution that provides a 360-degree view of your customers and business.
  • Simply CRM – An all-in-one sales and marketing platform that’s easy to use.
  • SmartWe – A cloud-based customer relationship management system. Making organising your contacts, appointments, documents, projects and leads simple.
  • Daylite CRM – Empowering Mac-based small businesses to handle more clients, close more deals, execute more projects and collaborate better.

Field mapping option for six new integrations

Field mapping allows you to pick which information is shared with your CRM system. Simply indicate which data points you want to send over and where they should be placed in your CRM. Do this once and watch information get sent over automatically. We’ve enabled this feature for the following integrations:

  • Really Simple Systems
  • Sugar CRM
  • SuperOffice
  • SharSpring
  • Lime

Don’t worry, we’re enabling this for more integrations every week. Want to know more? Check out our handy help article.

Easily change your billing information

Update and change your billing details with ease. So whether you moved or want to change your payment method, edit your payment and billing information with ease via the Leadinfo Portal settings.

Need to know more about how to change your billing information? Check out this help article!

New functionality: The search functionality

Looking to tweak a trigger, edit a Lead Gen Form or update an email report preference? A search bar has been added to the overview menu for all of these elements so you can quickly search for what you’re looking for rather than scroll for hours.