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Q1 in review - New features, improved integrations and no more cookies

The first few months of 2022 flew by, and it’s now already April. In the Netherlands, our team is keeping its fingers crossed for the sun and spring to make a rapid appearance. In the meantime, our developers have kept busy updating and releasing new features.

Check out what’s been released during Q1 of this year.

Elimination of first-party cookies

Our software matches the IP address of your website visitors against a publicly available database of company data. We only used two first-party cookies to provide you with analytical data. But you can now choose the option of cookieless tracking.

Two-way integrations

We want to make it easy to integrate Leadinfo into your current sales flow. So we’ve released two-way integrations. Meaning your CRM and Leadinfo will share data. Company profiles within your CRM will be enriched with the information from Leadinfo, and website visits will be shared as a note.

Get more out of your Zapier integration

We’re sharing even more information via Zapier. Allowing you to send more data to the tools you love. We already shared a lot of info, so what’s new? A few small items such as Google Click ID and Notes will now be shared with your CRM system.

New platform integrations

Enrich your company data with our company information by connecting our software to the tools you use every day. During the last three months, we’ve released five new integration options so you can keep focusing on what matters most.

  • Odoo CRM
  • Bexio CRM
  • SageCRM
  • Mattermost
  • Discord

Easily share information with your teams via email

Using email reports, you can now easily notify your team, clients and non-Leadinfo users when a lead meets desired requirements. Choose the segment of companies you want to be notified about in your settings and set the desired frequency to receive reports.

Pick and choose what you share over Slack

Decide which information to share in your automated Slack messages. From basic company information to social media handles or company activity, pick which properties you think your team needs to know about and watch the Slack messages roll in.

Field mapping for all integrations

Determine which information is sent to your CRM system using our newest field mapping feature. Indicate which fields from Leadinfo data you want to be sent over to your CRM system and where this data should be inputted.

There’s more to come

It should come as no surprise that there are more functionalities and updates to come. We’ll keep releasing features based on your feedback from a Google Data Studio integration to better lead gen forms.

Want to see our plan for the next few months? Check out our roadmap!