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Every website visitor is a potential lead.

What percentage of your website visitors converts into customers? 10%, 7%, 5%? A study has shown that 95% of all your website visitors read content on your website, view your services or take the time to get to know your company. 40% of visitors are actually interested in your services or products, but are not ready to get into contact. Leadinfo recognises all of your website visitors and displays them in a user-friendly dashboard. In other words: Leadinfo turns every website visitor into a lead.

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How does Leadinfo process your website leads?

Leadinfo enriches the IP addresses of your visitors with data on which pages they visited, the size of the company, how often they visit your website and the people who work there, all through a user-friendly LinkedIn feed. It is also possible to dynamically process information from different online marketing sources into Leadinfo. This means that as well as knowing what companies visit your website, you can also instantly measure the success of your marketing campaigns. Now that’s boosting your website leads!

In short: all the information your sales team needs to turn a website lead into a customer, in one user-friendly dashboard.

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Contacting your new website leads


Tag visitors
We understand that your sales team will need to adopt a new way of working. No more waiting for phone calls, emails or website forms – instead they’ll be proactively contacting website leads that you generate with Leadinfo. As one of the few tracking tools on the market, Leadinfo supports your sales team during acquisition. In our tool you’ll be able to tag leads by priority, enabling you to see at a glance which website leads are of interest for your sales team.


Easily add comments
Handy notes allow other Leadinfo users within your company to view the status of a lead. This allows for smooth communication between sales team employees.

Leadinfo Leadscore

Unique leadscore per company
It goes without saying that not all websites are equal. By leveraging our unique lead score algorithm, website leads are assigned their own score. Do they visit your website frequently? Visit multiple pages? The score will go up. This will instantly reveal which leads are more important to your company.

All website leads are yours

All leads generated using Leadinfo are yours. Even when you stop your subscription to our lead tracking tool, you can still export the data. Interested? Requesting a trial is very simple and doesn’t require a credit card. Start generating 95% more website leads today!


How does Leadinfo work

Find out how to start recognizing business website visitors in 3 steps.

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    Request a trial version

    You can test Leadinfo for free for 2 weeks. You will receive your trial version on working days within 30 minutes.

  2. 2

    Install a piece of code on your website

    Ask your website designer to install our tracking code. Need help? Our team is happy to help you.

  3. 3

    You can now recognize B2B website visitors

    Our algorithms will get to work, visitors to your website will be recognized from now on!

Request your free trial

You can test Leadinfo for free for 2 weeks. You will receive your trial version on working days within 30 minutes.

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