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Every website visitor is a potential lead

And most likely, a big fish visited your website today, and you didn’t even notice. But who can blame you? If the user took no action, it can be difficult to know who visited your website. This is why you need Leadinfo, the best lead generation software for companies that want to grow.

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Transform anonymous website visitors into leads

By linking a visitor’s IP address to our database, we give you an overview of each user, from where they work to their navigation patterns in real-time. All of this is achieved while being GDPR compliant.

You also have access to behavioural analytics so spot users showing buying intent from a mile away. And use this information to supercharge your marketing efforts and interact with leads on LinkedIn.

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Real-time lead generation

Be active, not reactive. Observe and respond to leads in real-time. Meaning you have access to a constant stream of opportunities which you can pursue as they come in.

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Supercharge your sales efforts

Enable collaboration no matter one’s location, time zone, or schedule thanks to these handy features:

Tags: Quickly triage information by harnessing custom, colour-coded tags.

Comments: See who’s following up with hot leads and collaborate via the comment function.

Build your lead list with intent: Based on pages browsed and time spent on page, spot the hottest leads from a mile away.

Harness the power of the largest data set available

Our database of company information is a force to be reckoned with. We deliver the best and most detailed information. So you can start a conversation with less effort. However, don’t waste that hard work. Adopt the leading lead gen platform and never miss another sale.

Increase conversion with powerful lead gen forms

Build your email list while making it easy for website visitors to get in touch with you. Take the lead and craft appealing lead gen forms that encourage people to share their contact details.


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All you need to know about GDPR.

Are you curious about the impact of GDRP on Leadinfo’s IP Tracking? Arnoud Engelfriet of ICTrecht compiled a list of answers for you.

Is the use of Leadinfo legal under the GDPR?

Yes, the use of Leadinfo is legal under the GDPR, which was introduced as a European privacy law on 25 May 2018.

Leadinfo matches the IP address of the visitor against a publicly available database of company data (such as the Chamber of Commerce). According to the GDPR, the IP address is considered to be private data, and there must be solid justification for its use. The justification is ‘own legitimate interest’, provided for in Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR. This article states working with personal data is permitted if this serves a clear interest and privacy standards are maintained.

Marketing and analytics are considered to be legitimate interests, and Leadinfo only uses private data in a limited capacity. IP addresses are not saved and only publicly accessible corporate data is shared with the users. This means that Leadinfo maintains privacy standards. As a Leadinfo user, you are obliged to state these facts in your company’s privacy statement, as well as the register of data processing operations.

Does Leadinfo use cookies?

Leadinfo does not use cookies. Recognition of companies is purely based on IP addresses. In addition to this recognition, Leadinfo shows analytical information. For this purpose, we place two first-party cookies through which only the client gets access to information on how their visitors use the website. These cookies are not linked to other information and nothing is shared with third parties. There is no consent required by law for the use of these particular cookies.

Can I contact visitors directly?

You are free to contact visitors directly using data acquired through Leadinfo’s software. The GDPR does not apply to company data such as public telephone numbers. Please be aware that sending unsolicited commercial emails or text messages contravenes spam laws, even when these are sent to public telephone numbers or info@ email addresses. If you’d like to contact a person within a company, you must have a clear basis for doing so, such as an opt-in or a warm client relationship. Simply the fact that someone has visited your site is not a sufficient basis for emailing or calling this person. You will need an additional, specific reason to engage in personal contact.

How do I install the Leadinfo tracking code on my website?

You can install the tracking code by adding the code manually to your website, using Google Tag Manager or using our plug-ins for WordPress, Joomla!, Shopware, Wix, Squarespace or Drupal.