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Our Q1 and Q2 roadmap

Spring is around the corner. Kind of. As we all wait for the sun to make an appearance, we figured we’d release our product roadmap for the upcoming months. So, curious as to what the future holds? Presenting our product roadmap for the next few months. ?

The roadmap of developments for the leadinfo software
? Field Mapping

Determine what information is shared with your CRM and in which fields this data is placed.

? Google Data Studio

Connect Leadinfo to Google Data Studio and get ready to boost your dashboards and analysis.

? 15+ Analytics Integrations

Elevate your reporting by linking Leadinfo to the biggest analytics platforms.

? Improved Lead Gen forms

Our lead gen forms are about to get better. Get ready to choose which pages showcase a form and which don't.

? Add Xing Contacts

Our company profiles will also include Xing contact information. So you can quickly search for the right contact person and explore their profile.

? Specify User Roles

Not everyone needs equal access to your client data. Pick and choose which users can access the various sections of your Leadinfo portal.

? Email Tracking

Track how well your emails are performing and see who's coming to your website via this channel.