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Lead generation software: know which company visits your website

95% of your website visitors leave your website without a trace, even if 40% are interested in your website. So your website is a treasure trove of untapped potential.

With lead generation software, you can retrieve the details of your anonymous B2B website visitors, such as the company name, contact details and LinkedIn profiles of decision-makers. Meaning your sales funnel is always full of pipping hot leads.

Leadinfo identifies your anonymous website visitors
Who is lead generation software for?

Is lead generation software only for large B2B international companies? Not at all. For SMEs B2B brands, it’s also interesting and valuable to know who’s visiting your website and if they are new or returning users. It makes it easier to nurture leads and convert them into paying customers.

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How does Leadinfo work?

Leadinfo’s lead generation software allows you to recognise all the companies visiting your website. We link the IP address of this website visitor to our unique database and retrieve all relevant information.

This information appears in real-time in the Leadinfo Inbox—a clear dashboard in the style of your mailbox. Smooth, user-friendly and easy to install.

You also know exactly how these leads behave on your website and which pages they visited. This allows you to seamlessly attune your sales strategy to the behaviour of individual leads.

Harness the power of the largest data set available

Our data set is unprecedented. We deliver the best and most detailed information. So you can start a conversation with less effort. However, don’t waste that hard work. The data you collect with our software is always and forever yours. You can export it anytime and keep using the information you gathered even if you stop using our product.

Examples of live leads
One-click native integrations

Our software integrates with 60+ platforms. From Google Data Studio to HubSpot and Slack to Discord, get ready to boost your current workflow.

Enable your Sales Team to become winners

Empower your sales team regardless of their location. Using comments and tagging features, keep your colleagues up to date and follow up with hot leads.

More powerful features to help you win!
Automatic Lead Scoring

Based on the total time spent on your website, you can quickly see who are your hottest leads. Meaning you know where to focus your attention next.

GDPR compliant

We worry about GDPR regulations so you don’t have to. Leadinfo is GDPR compliant according to Article 6(1)(f).

Powerful lead-gen Forms

Take the lead and easily craft powerful lead gen forms to encourage website visitors to get in touch.

Screen recording

We don’t just give you an overview of each website visitor, with Leadinfo you can also see each lead’s detailed browsing activity. Meaning you can spot users showing buying intent from a mile away.

Real-time Inbox

View your website visitors the same way you view your email. Our inbox layout gives you an extensive company profile about each and every visitor. No complicated statistics involved.

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