We manage your data safely

Leadinfo can be used legally under the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG or GDPR), which applies as European privacy law as of 25 May 2018. Leadinfo uses the visitor’s IP address to obtain company data from public sources such as the Chamber of Commerce. The IP address is personal data under the GDPR, and its use requires a basis under this law.The basis used is the “own legitimate interest” (Article 6 f GDPR). You may work with personal data without permission, provided this serves a clear interest and you take privacy into account. Marketing and analytics count as a clear legitimate interest, and Leadinfo only uses personal data to a very limited extent. IP addresses are not kept and only general business information of companies is provided to users. This takes adequate account of privacy. As a user of Leadinfo you must report this in your privacy statement. You must also record in the register of data processing that you work with Leadinfo.

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