Understanding our customer journey—from website visitor to buyer

We wanted to gain a better understanding of the behaviour of potential leads. Leadinfo has helped us connect the dots and better understand our customer journey from website visitor to buyer.

Feyenoord football club uses Leadinfo to connect with business customers

Implementing Leadinfo to gain more insights

Feyenoord Rotterdam is a top-tier football club that has existed for more than a century. Known as “The People’s Club”, we’ve stayed true to our roots as our team has risen to become one of the best in the Netherlands. Given this development, we use our website to keep in touch with fans around the world and convey important information. To gain more information about our business customers, segment leads before they make contact with us and become more proactive in our sales process, we implemented Leadinfo.

“What do we love about Leadinfo? The fact that it’s a ‘no-nonsense’ tool that requires no endless implementation process or training to use.”

A simple tool with actionable insights

We had been looking for a no-nonsense tool that we could use immediately to get actionable insights, and that’s one of the reasons why we chose Leadinfo. After aligning with our Sales and Marketing teams as to what we wanted to get out of Leadinfo, the implementation process was done in the snap of a finger. No endless process or fussing around to get access to the data. The software is very user-friendly and actionable in an instant.

Supercharging our marketing efforts

We now use Leadinfo on a weekly basis to supercharge our marketing efforts and be more proactive with our sales thanks to insights and trends which we can now spot from a mile away. For example, we wanted to better understand how our customers ended up on our website. So we set up triggers for this. This is what we did to discover how many website visitors found us via LinkedIn. We enabled a trigger via Leadinfo which automatically sorts and filters leads which came in via this channel. Enabling us to measure our efforts across multiple digital channels.

Beyond understanding the behaviour and interests of visitors that do not interact with our website, we also use Leadinfo to craft powerful lead gen forms and link the input to our Sales Managers. Whenever someone fills in a form, our team receives a notification and will immediately call back a lead. Based on continuous feedback and customer questions, we have also been able to further refine the widget linked to our lead gen forms to ensure clarity.

"We use Leadinfo to understand our website visitors and measure how our social channels contribute to our success.”

Connecting the dots in our B2B customer journey

We wanted to be more aware as to the behaviour of potential customers and better understand the details of our sales cycle. By using Leadinfo we have been able to connect the dots and fill the gaps of our B2B customer journey. Thanks to these insights we are able to identify, optimise for and segment leads before they even make contact with us. Thus elevating “The People’s Club” to new levels.

“The Leadinfo data is incredibly useful and actionable, leading us to refine our conversion path and enabling our sales team to be more proactive.”