Increasing our conversion rate by 50%

We wanted to know more about our website visitors. So we chose Leadinfo as it’s the best software on the market. The result? A 50% increase in our conversion rate.


Making it easier for our sales team to cold call and retarget users

Creditsafe is the top online credit report provider for over 365 million businesses worldwide. We’ve created the world’s most predictive scorecard to ensure our clients are aware of potential risks in advance, aiding you to make the right moves to protect yourself and your business. We wanted to know more about our website visitors in addition to empowering our Sales team by providing them with more data on potential leads and facilitating reengagement. So we choose to implement Leadinfo as it’s the best software on the market.

Contributing to the winning team

We easily connected Leadinfo to the apps we love, such as Zapier, and we were immediately impressed with the accuracy of the information Leadinfo provided to our LinkedIn Match Audiences. Moreover, as Global Business Intelligence experts, we’re proud to support Leadinfo in their endeavours by equipping them with valuable financial data. Making our business relationship even more special!

“We share a special and unique business relationship with Leadinfo.”

Supercharging our marketing efforts

Apart from enriching our customer dataset and information, we use Leadinfo in two different ways. For starters, we use it to empower our sales team. We have specific triggers in place to identify potentially valuable prospects. These triggers will send an email to one of our Sales Reps who will see an overview of information about this individual and be able to immediately follow up. This has enabled us to become much more proactive and personal with each and every single client.

We also import Leadinfo data to supercharge our marketing efforts. Using exported customer data, we can personalise each and every message for all of our potential clients on LinkedIn. This has led to an 80% increase in our click-through rate.

“Using the Leadinfo data to retarget users on LinkedIn, we’ve seen an 80% increase in our click-through rate.”

Never losing another sale

Given that few website visitors take action on one’s website, we wanted to know more about our audience and become more proactive in our sales process. Thanks to Leadinfo’s software, we’ve increased our conversion rate by 50% and our order value by 30%. Meaning we’re seizing every opportunity we can.