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What’s new at Leadinfo: Lead Gen Forms got a massive upgrade

You need a company’s email address to further nurture key contacts and stay in touch with them. An easy way of collecting these is via lead gen forms embedded on your website. 

And we’ve got some great news to share. To boost your lead generation efforts, the Leadinfo Lead Gen Forms have gotten five times better.

Gone are the days of one static Lead Fen Form shown to all companies visiting your website. Now you can create custom Lead Gen Forms, shown on different pages or to different companies, to encourage your website visitors to get in touch with you.

Let’s delve into the specifics.

Show a lead gen form only to specific companies

From hot leads to new users or industry-specific leads to churned customers, choose who gets to see a lead gen form on your website by setting up rules.

For example, if you’re trying to reach a niche clientele, you can choose to display a lead gen form to those users only. Simply set the rule to target companies who have visited your website more than once and are active in the sector of your choice.

Learn more about how to set this up.

Display your lead gen form only on specific pages

Not every page on your website needs a lead gen form. For example, you might not want to display one on your homepage but want a lead gen form to appear on your pricing page. Encouraging companies to get in touch with you regarding custom price options.

Using Leadinfo Lead Gen Forms, you decide what pages or type of pages to display a lead gen form on.

Discover how to set up page-specific lead gen forms.

Present a form to a user based on their browser language

Trying to generate more leads in a specific market? Have a lead gen form pop up based on a company’s browser language!

Using rules, determine what browser language the user needs to set up in order to see the Lead Gen Form.

Learn more about displaying lead gen forms based on the browser language.

Have the lead gen form pop up only after a certain scroll percentage

You might not need to have a lead gen form show up instantly. Create a delay based on a company’s scroll percentage.

So you can now opt to have a lead gen form displayed once a user has scrolled through 25% of your pricing page.

Alternatively, when a website visitor scrolls through 50% of a blog, you can display a lead gen form prompting them to sign up for your company newsletter. Then, using Zapier, you can further build out your email newsletter contact list.

Access insights about the performance of your lead gen form

It’s nice to be able to place a lead gen form, but you need to know how it’s performing.

Take the guesswork out of your optimisation and see the number of views and conversion ratio of each form. Allowing you to easily edit or delete poor-performing forms.

Determine the position of a lead gen form on your webpage

Determine where on your website a form should appear. How? Use pixels to indicate where a form should be placed on a page.

So no matter if you want a form to appear on the bottom left or prefer it to pop up centre right, it’s now possible to customise the position to your preference.

Read on to learn how to decide on your lead gen form positioning.

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