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What’s new at Leadinfo: We’ve opened our first international office in Düsseldorf

On July 11th, we opened the doors to our first international office. Two months earlier than planned and a big accomplishment for our scale-up. 

Why did we do this? Because the DACH region offers many opportunities. “The market opportunity is enormous,” states Maaike Molenkamp, Leadinfo’s DACH Country Manager. “we see an enormous interest in our product and therefore want to be present locally to help our customers optimally.”

The Düsseldorf office is our first international branch. A major milestone for our company that was established less than five years ago. Leadinfo was founded in 2017 as an easy-to-implement and use lead generation solution for B2B companies. Our software allows companies to recognise their website visitors in real-time. Thus helping brands generate more revenue.

Two years ago, our team doubled in size, and we moved from a smaller office to our current headquarters in Capelle aan den IJssel. Since then, our company has kept growing. We’ve gone from five to thirty employees, have become a market leader in the Benelux region, have acquired three companies, and achieved high rankings on G2. And we’re a growing player in the German market.

This is what motivated us to open an office in Germany. “We saw the demand in Germany increasing for a while. But German customers need German support, and German-speaking colleagues are not easy to find in the Netherlands,” says Maaike. “In addition, references, word of mouth and customer reviews are very important for closing deals in Germany. So it felt simpler to grow by being physically present in Germany.” These factors convinced us to start looking for office space in Germany.

Our goal was to officially open our new office at the beginning of September, “but I had already hired the first people in June, so the planning accelerated,” says Maaike. “Fortunately, I was able to get an office quickly in the co-working space Ruby.” A funny turn of events, as our Rotterdam office was also, originally established in a co-working space.

Since July 11th, our German team has grown to nine people, and everyone is getting along well. “It already feels like a small family,” comments Maaike.

A small family, with big ambitions. Because our German branch is determined to become the market leader in the DACH region. And they are immediately striving towards that goal by bringing in a number of new customers in less than a month. Maaike is satisfied: “We have taken off running.”

Extending our partner network in Germany is also a top priority. “We are currently looking for digital agencies to collaborate with. Through our website, you can easily sign up for free.

We’re also always on the hunt for new talent. So take a look at our website and join our team of winners.